Issue 1 2023

22 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 Nov22772 By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs! When companies turn to the team from Tecola PLLC, they want a service that prioritises their entrepreneurial needs above all else. This approach is at the heart of how Christophe Baekeland and his team operate. In Acquisition International’s 2022 Leading Adviser Awards, the team were recognised as Leading Niche Technology and Privacy Law Firm of the Year, Belgium. To discover more about their incredible efforts, we take a closer look at the secrets of their remarkable success. he best legal advice does not appear in a vacuum. It takes a holistic approach, considering the needs of the client, the specifics of the case and the outside pressures that might affect a business. Taking these into account is not an easy task, but it is what ensures the best in the business continue to thrive. It’s also the mindset that sets Tecola apart from the competition. Founded by Christophe Baekeland as a law firm by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs, Tecola boasts an enterprising attitude that is always pushing the industry forward. Forward thinking and sustainability must be at the heart of how any organisation operates, and Christophe takes the time to ensure that his solutions consider these factors. Their strategies are not limited to pure legal analysis, instead creating and implementing pragmatic policies that will assist in growth and development. Both private and public undertakings have benefitted from the work of Tecola, with the principles of sustainable and efficient business at the heart of all of their proposals. Tecola has gained a reputation for being able to effortlessly incorporate the need for corporate social responsibility and good corporate governance into their suggestions. When it comes to finding solutions of the highest quality, there are few finer. Since opening its doors, Christophe has focused on the developing challenges within the rapidly evolving IT industry, particularly when it comes to ASP, Cloud & SaaS, consultancy and privacy matters. This last topic has been incredibly important as companies have adapted to meet the demands of GDPR. Since this significant industry-wide change, Christophe has become renowned for his out-of-the-box way of thinking in all kinds of issues regarding GDPR and other fundamental rights and liberties. He is a certified Data Protection Officer as well as a GDPR Lead Auditor, offering his assistance in this respect to all clients. Privacy is one of the major topics surrounding technology at the moment, and Tecola has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. By working in the fields of communications and legal services, the team at Tecola can incorporate their technical knowledge in the wider world of legal expertise. The team have worked out many business restructuring and investment guidelines as well as selecting appropriate legal structures for specific companies. The success of the team is such that they are not simply in demand for their services within the field, however. Often, Tecola is called upon to run various T guest lectures, seminars and workshops on specialist subjects. Offering such a wide range of opportunities is the key to the team’s incredible demand and remarkable success. When turning to Tecola, you don’t simply get leading legal advice. You get access to a fine legal mind that knows the challenges of the day and how they relate to the fast changes in the field of technology. This holistic approach is at the heart of the firm’s appeal and why it leads the way in this regard. To businesses, the work done by the Tecola team is vital to their success. It’s little wonder that so many trust them to deliver on their behalf. Company: Tecola PLLC Name: Christophe Baekeland Email: