Issue 1 2023

16 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 Nov22410 Over 35 Years of Sensational Success Complex litigation law can be extremely challenging to navigate however, with a strong, level-headed load of experience, we find ourselves in good hands with Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP. Let us find out more as its Founding Partner, Marc Bern, wins Leading Complex Litigation Lawyer of the Year 2022, New York, from Acquisition International. omplex litigation cases contain many parties. From multiple individuals to a selection of lawyers, and often several geographical locations, these cases can take months, and even years, to be settled. Many cases face problems that add insult to injury, but we’ve found a law firm, and a reputable lawyer, which knows how to tackle anything. Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP is a dedicated complex litigation law firm that has grown at an immense rate. Marc J. Bern & Partners provides its support in New York, and around the country, to ensure its clients receive the best help imaginable when it comes to personal injury, medical malpractice, construction accident, defective product, dangerous medication, consumer fraud, and product liability cases. For 9/11 victim compensation funds, abuse claims, opioid crisis aid, FELA railroad claims, and much more, Marc J. Bern & Partners has a lawyer for every area of complex litigation. The case turnaround time is rapid, but there are no details missed or swept under the rug. Marc J. Bern & Partners is committed to helping anyone who is in a difficult situation, and it does so with empathy, concern, and care. “Dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients.” Striving to understand and solve every case that is presented to them, each lawyer is steeped in years of experience that give them the edge on the competition. With over 60 years of combined experience, including working as legal attorneys and mass tort lawyers, each person on the team has something to bring to the table. There for us 24/7, Marc J. Bern & Partners has the experience needed to look after numerous cases of all sizes and issues. Always taking the right approach to each case, the firm promises, and delivers, the highest quality of service – every time. Supporting individuals, and their families, Marc J. Bern & Partners provides the help that it knows they deserve. It works seamlessly to provide its undivided attention to each case and, despite its large size, it still serves incredible assistance with a personal touch. Its Founding Partner, Marc Bern, created Marc J. Bern & Partners to help a wide variety of people through some of the most difficult cases imaginable. He has been with the firm for over seven years, and he is leading the way for the entire industry. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1972, with a degree in Political Science and Government, Marc has always shown C his passion for what he now does. Building Marc J. Bern & Partners from the ground up is a huge achievement worth celebrating, and we know that this remarkable business is set to receive even more recognition for its hard work. Resulting in excess of 3 billion in settlements and many awards such as The National Trial Lawyers Top 100, Lawyers of distinction, and more, Marc J. Bern & Partners has become a name we won’t forget. By being entirely client-focused, the team provides the best possible client experience no matter the case – the size, or the complexity. It gives free consultations to anyone in need of its expert services, and it is easily reached by telephone any time of day or night. No matter the issue – from personal injury to medical malpractice, dangerous drug, or defective product help – Marc and the team have solutions that will support its clients’ legal rights. Marc has become extremely respected, and for good reason. He has a huge repertoire of experience with “plaintiffs’ catastrophic injury cases, Pharmaceutical Products Liability, Environmental and other Toxic Torts including MTBE gasoline contamination, Cresote, MGP (manufactured gas plants), PCB, and Mass Torts.” We have learned a lot about Marc, and the whole team at Acquisition International is impressed with his work. He is a nationally recognised trial attorney, with over 35 years of experience, and it’s clear to see why people flock to him. This is due to his client-focused attitude, compassionate aid, and track record for trying more than 100 cases to jury verdict – with hundreds more settled, amassing to over $1,000,000. As the Co-Liaison Counsel in the World Trade Center Disaster Litigation, Marc helped to settle “over $800,000,000 for police officers, fire fighters, and other first responders injured by toxic smoke and dust at the World Trade Center during the 9/11 clean-up efforts.” He is dedicated to helping others and is delighted to be able to do that on a daily basis. Marc Bern has now won Leading Complex Litigation Lawyer of the Year 2022 in New York, and he shows no signs of slowing down as he reaches new heights within his career. Congratulations, Marc! Contact: Kelly Carson Company: Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP Web Address: Telephone: 1-800-LAW-5432