Issue 1 2022

12 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2022 team”. So, with over 600 medical professionals and more than 160 physicians as consultants, MyHealth has a vast team of highly experienced individuals who can make an immense difference to the way patients are cared for. The timeliness of their call centre agents, patient care representatives, diagnostic technicians, reading physicians, clinic leaders, regional directors, and head office support staff enables the most modern healthcare system to speed-up the process of diagnosis and treatment. Patients can rest assured they will be prioritised and cared for both rapidly and accurately. Striving to provide same-week appointments, MyHealth offers quick evaluation, diagnosis, and the beginning of treatments, thus leaving their patients feeling secure and heard. It’s no surprise they’ve received thousands of five-star Google reviews from satisfied patients. Suresh tells us, “MyHealth’s plan is to grow internationally into a globally successful organisation as we look to grow in other jurisdictions.” These additional areas will continue to propel them even further in the healthcare industry, introducing a healthier future for all. Contact: Brandon Latham Company: MyHealth Centre Web Address: 2022’s Leading Innovators in Cardiology & Diagnostic Imaging Solutions - Canada MyHealth’s goal is to become a “one-stop-shop” for all patient diagnostic services that are referred by primary and secondary healthcare providers, such as family physicians, cardiologists, internists, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, and more. Their mission to provide quality patient care through innovation, compassion, and integrity was recognized by Accreditation Canada who designated MyHealth Centre the first and only independent health facilities in Ontario to be Accredited with Commendation. This unique achievement acknowledges their continuous effort to provide shorter wait times for patient appointments; faster report turnaround for referring healthcare providers; and the highest standard of infection prevention, cleanliness, safety, and comfort in their facilities. President and CEO, Suresh Madan, tells us that “MyHealth embraces high-quality patient care, so patients are treated quickly, comfortably and safely. And we’ve stayed open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic without an outbreak.” While the pandemic introduced all kinds of new challenges in the healthcare industry, Suresh had always been planning for a seamless “brick-and-click” healthcare model that offers a range of diagnostic services both in-house and remotely. In addition to their enhanced protocol in clinics, they have accelerated their telehealth offering, which makes the best of what virtual and brick-and-mortar care have to offer. Their team of certified Ontario physicians provide OHIP-covered telehealth assessments for urgent care, prescriptions, and medical referrals for all Ontario patients from the comfort and safety of their home. Likewise, their team of certified Ontario cardiologists provide consultations by telephone and video conference and can refer patients for in-clinic cardiology services as needed. Equally important is building the trust of their referring healthcare providers – 15,000 and counting – who send their patients to MyHealth Centres. “We do this in a number of ways,” says Madan, by ensuring the diagnoses are done by professionals that doctors can trust. “All of our studies are diagnosed by subspecialty-trained physicians,” he says. “For example, all our paediatric imaging is done by paediatric radiologists, all of our women’s imaging is done by fellowship-trained mammographers who do it all the time.” Suresh believes that “the quality of our patient care is only as good as the quality of our team, and a company’s biggest asset is their M MyHealth Centre is an accredited independent health facility with 48 locations in Ontario, specializing in cardiology, imaging, women’s health, telehealth and sleep diagnostic services. With their wide field of expertise, more than 15,000 Ontario healthcare providers refer their patients to MyHealth Centre for OHIP-covered diagnostic services. Here we talk to President and CEO, Suresh Madan, who tells us more about MyHealth and their higher standard of patient care. Contact: Brandon Latham Company: MyHealth Centre Web Address: Nov21261