AI Magazine Issue 1 2021

94 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2021 Nov20182 icensed to practice law in the State of California, Mr. Jagroop of The Jagroop Law Office, Inc. has earned his stripes as it pertains to to his long-term success in the field of motor vehicle accident/personal injury. Running an operation that is a lean, mean, fighting machine, Mr. Jagroop’s legal services have brought many cases to a satisfactory result for a long list of happy clients. Since the Jagroop Law Office opened at the start of 2017, Mr. Jagroop has tackled many cases of varying complexity, covering the areas of Civil Harassment Restraining Orders, Criminal Defense (DUI/DWI Defense only), Motor Vehicle Accident/Personal Injury, and Family Law. At the heart of every case, Mr. Jagroop takes on a commitment to provide effective, aggressive, and professional legal representation, legal help, and legal assistance. The strength of these values is as strong now as it was in 2017. One of the aspects that sets Mr. Jagroop apart is his commitment to operating as a one-man show. He is the sole employee of The Jagroop Law Office, Inc., tackling every part of the business from administration to appearances in the court room. This approach is supported by his ability to hold himself to an incredibly high standard, being responsible and accountable to clients in a clear and effective way. The success of this attitude is why he will not be hiring anyone in the future. Clients come expecting him and his personalized approach to the practice of law. The impact of COVID-19 has obviously affected many businesses. However, the implementation of shelter in place orders has not affected Mr. Jagroop as much as many. While he has not been able L When in a motor vehicle accident, many people want to find a licensed motor vehicle accident/personal injury attorney who can get them the monetary compensation that they desire. Tristan Yohan Jagroop, Esq. of The Jagroop Law Office, Inc. specializes in precisely this work, which is why he was recognized as Best Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers - Northern California in Acquisition International’s Legal Awards 2020. We took a closer look to find out more. Quick To Adapt to meet potential clients at his law office, he was well equipped for working remotely thanks to working from home. This has allowed him to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing situation, supporting people throughout this difficult time. With such success in the field of motor vehicle accident/personal injury cases, it is of little surprise that the order to stay at home has resulted in a significant downturn in these types of cases. Less motor vehicles are out on the streets and highways, which has had a significant effect on the work that Mr. Jagroop has undertaken. That said, his caseload with regards to cases involving Family Law and Civil Harassment Restraining Orders has increased rapidly since the lockdown was implemented. It is a credit to Mr. Jagroop’s versatility and adaptability that he has found new ways of thriving in these unprecedented circumstances. The future is something that is completely unpredictable at the moment. As a result, any plan(s) that was or that were in place for the future of The Jagroop Law Office, Inc. have been put on hold indefinitely. As the world settles into a new form of normal, it will be possible to more easily work out where The Jagroop Law Office, Inc. will go next. What is for certain is that Mr. Jagroop’s current way of working will be carried forward in many ways. His commitment to not building expectations with clients, telling them what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear, has served him well throughout his career and allowed him incredible freedom in how he operates. It allows him to do everything that he does to the best of his ability. It is the secret to his continued success. Company: The Jagroop Law Office, Inc. Contact: Tristan Yohan Jagroop, Esq. Web Address: