AI Magazine Issue 1 2021

80 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2021 Nov20336 Finding Fantastic Franchise Opportunities In the current economic climate, the lack of employment opportunities, risk of layoffs, long-term unemployment outlook, and competition in the workplace have led to higher stress on the job and much lower satisfaction in the daily grind. COVID-19 has left the economies of the world reeling and caused many people to re- evaluate their career priorities. As the Leading Global Franchise Consultant of the Year, Frannexus CEO Seth Lederman is on hand to help. Find out more about this outstanding leader as we reveal more about the firm and its exceptional founder. here can be little denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has left many people feeling insecure and uncertain about what the future may hold in many areas of their lives. For some, they are worried about traveling and seeing friends or family. Others are worried about their job, or perhaps their lack of employment and the opportunities to get one during a national lockdown that has been forced by a virulent and highly transmissible disease. In this current economic and social climate, it can be hard to see positives and find new opportunities to get out of the rut of lacking employment opportunities, risk of layoffs, long-term unemployment outlooks, and competition in the workplace. The insecurity and uncertainty brought about by this period of pandemic-induced lockdown have led many people to rightfully re-evaluate their priorities and ask questions such as “Is this really what I want to be doing for the rest of my career?”. If the answer is no, there is a solution out there, just waiting to be seized upon. It comes in the form of Frannexus. Frannexus is the brainchild of its outstanding CEO, Seth Lederman, and it functions as a leading franchise consultancy that has been founded by an entrepreneur for like-minded entrepreneurs. A self- confessed entrepreneur. Seth founded Frannexus with a belief and passion that he could help people get into business for themselves, taking charge of their own professional lives and becoming their own boss. The overwhelming force of the pandemic and the national lockdowns that have happened worldwide have forced many people to seriously consider becoming their own boss and doing something different from what they have been doing for, potentially, a very long time. It is not surprising that many unhappy with the economy and their situations have considered business ownership. Not only is it great for the economy, but it is also a perfect opportunity for the potential business owner in question. One of the strongest feelings that will often pull an individual towards leading a life of entrepreneurship is that they are tired of doing all the work while others reap the rewards and gain the plaudits. Seeing others claim the rewards after putting in all the hard work can be frustrating for many people. It’s enough to drive them to do something for themselves and work for their own reward. Starting a business can do many things for many people, from replacing lost or reduced income to providing relief from work burnout or giving flexibility in work-life balance that isn’t possible as an employee. There are many T Contact: Seth Lederman Website: benefits to starting a business, and they are going to vary depending on a few variables. Attaining the coveted status of a business owner is not as hard as it seems, and Frannexus is on hand to help clients achieve that dream. For professionals who crave the excitement that comes from waking up every morning ready to take on the world, looking to successful business people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Seth Lederman of Frannexus is the answer. Rather than continuing to chase a ghost, their next perfect boss, they can take control of their fortune. If they are unsatisfied in their professional lives and want to take the next step towards something radical and life-changing, then Frannexus can help. Lederman helps his clients achieve what they want to achieve from franchise ownership. Seth’s Lederman’s consultative approach focuses on understanding the person he is working with. Including gaining an understanding of their personal, professional, and financial goals. He focuses on his clients’ experiences, skills, dreams, lifestyles, and financial goals. Armed with this knowledge and from this place of understanding, Seth seeks to surprise and delight his clients with franchise ownership opportunities that they might have otherwise let pass. These opportunities always strive to take advantage of the client’s skills and experiences and feed into their dreams and personal ambitions for themselves. He also ensures that these opportunities are a good match and that the clients might not have considered on their own. What makes Frannexus so successful is the determination and the dedication of Seth at the business’s helm. His passion for helping people has long been a staple of his character, which has been apparent since the early days of his career. From early on in his professional working career, two things were apparent to Seth. Firstly, being an entrepreneur came naturally to him, and that was not an instinct he could fight. Secondly, he has always known that he wanted to be in the business of helping people. When he first started out working, Seth became a healthcare provider. However, it was not until he read a book by his mentor, Michael Gerber, that he completely transformed his professional and business life. The book in question, The E-Myth, granted Seth the knowledge of turning his practice into an enterprise. From the book, he had