Issue 1 2021

70 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2021 Oct20115 Turnkey Machine Safety & In-Plant Solutions A multi award-winning company, thought leader and holder of a critical third-party compliance ISN membership 400-243872, PowerSafe Automation is an inimitable provider of turnkey machine safety solutions located in Wolcottville, Indiana. Led by CEO Shawn Mantel, PowerSafe has spent the past five years developing a complete range of solutions designed to make working environments safer, preventing unnecessary accidents and protecting the most important assets of any workplace: the people. owerSafe Automation is a provider of turnkey machine safety solutions focused on custom design, fabrication and nationwide installation, including electronic safety device integration. The idea for the company was conceived in 2015, recognizing a gap in machine safety systems between mechanical processes and machines, and the new generation of computer controls and robots. There is a need for a company that could provide skilled trade services based on years of experience in the machine safety, T-slotted extrusion, and controls automation industry. The result was PowerSafe, a company that answered a compliance-driven market that was suffering a decline in skilled trade, a lack of internal personnel time due to machine breakdowns and an inability to fulfil the liability coverage requirements. PowerSafe was also able to fill as well as a lack of knowledge to meet or exceed OSHA regulations and ANSI standards for companies they service. The firm’s core values – Safety First, Be Responsive, Be Disciplined, Take Initiative, and Communicate – were established and have been integral to PowerSafe’s operations since day one. These core values provide consistency, focus, and personal growth so they can best serve their customers and deliver on their promise to provide a safer working environment for clients through innovative turnkey solutions. Fundamentally, PowerSafe is aiming to reduce the statistic that shows machine safety to be in the top ten of most-cited OSHA violations. These values and mission are implemented in the delivery of PowerSafe’s comprehensive selection of solutions, which include modular machine enclosures, consumer products guarding, robotic safety guarding, protective safety shields, industrial safety perimeter fences, palletizing safety systems, industrial sound enclosures, hazardous chemical enclosures, machine tool safety P guards, power transmission guards & covers and specialized integrated safety systems. Serving a broad spectrum of clients, from small factories to large Fortune 500-type manufacturing plants with nationwide machine guarding directives, PowerSafe approaches potential clients with unique solutions designed to reduce their principal pain points. PowerSafe’s primary goal is to convince customers that they need to be proactive with machine safety and put in measures to protect their primary assets, their employees, before there is an accident or death. As part of this, PowerSafe is working on brand awareness, informing clients that they are not just another safety equipment provider but a full-service turnkey supplier. Through published articles and awards, blogs, routine social media posting, relevant web content as well as their online store at Amazon for DIY users, PowerSafe has established themselves as a leading authority of their sector. A fast-paced and growing company in which everyone has their responsibilities but is agile and versatile to the needs of the customer, PowerSafe recruits only those who understand and share their vision to improve workplace safety. Their people are focused on properly meeting or exceeding customer expectations, adhering strictly to the company’s core values and taking pride in their efforts to save people’s lives. As PowerSafe reaches its five-year milestone, beating the odds of only a fifth of small businesses reaching five years, particularly in the midst of the global pandemic, the team is looking towards a bright future. Whilst staying focused on cutting edge machine safety, PowerSafe has expanded into a greater single-source provider for manufacturing facilities with industrial plant solutions, which will include innovative guard railing systems, modular office building and cleanrooms. In response to the global pandemic, PowerSafe has also expanded its workplace safety with patent pending hands- free sanitizer dispensers, protective cough and sneeze guards, automatic temperature checking devices, lockout and tagout devices, along with ergonomic carts and workstations. It is undoubtedly an exciting time for PowerSafe, with plenty of reasons to celebrate. Having achieved such success and growth in only five years, we look forward to seeing what comes in the next five years and beyond. Through published articles and awards, blogs, routine social media posting, relevant web content as well as their online store at Amazon for DIY users, PowerSafe has established themselves as a leading authority of their sector. Contact: Shawn Mantel Company: PowerSafe Automation Web Address: