Issue 1 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 29 Oct19561 Defending criminals is an equally important part of the judicial system across the world as defending victims. Whilst everyone deserves justice if they have been wronged, that can extend to those who have been wrongly accused of committing a crime. For almost twenty years, Sydney Criminal Lawyers have been helping those accused get the best possible defence they can. Discover how they have cemented their status as Australia’s most trusted criminal law specialists for 2020 and beyond. Defending Justice Down Under here are always two sides to any case that enters the courtroom. Both the prosecution and the defence want to see justice served, and that can take very different forms. For criminals facing a jury, having the backing of a trusted and expert lawyer can be the difference that matters when it comes to sentencing. From gathering facts, to interviewing key players, to ultimately concluding a watertight case, the expert team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers are the best at what they do, and extremely passionate about seeing justice served. Founded in 2001 as Nedim Lawyers – Criminal Defence Specialists, the firm has since evolved to become the Sydney Criminal Lawyers that are renowned across the country today. Under the sage leadership of principal specialist criminal lawyer Ugur Nedim, the firm has continued to grow from strength to strength in the eighteen years it has been operating, winning more awards and accolades than any other criminal law firm in Australia. For criminals and wrongly- accused citizens alike, there can be no better peace of mind offered than that of the knowledge that Mr Nedim and his team working around the clock to gather together every shred of evidence. No matter the crime accused of being committed, Mr Nedim and his team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers are on hand to help. Across both criminal and traffic law cases, lawyers can help clients with cases relating to drink driving, assault, breaking and entering, fraud, sexual assault, and murder, to name just a few. A quick scroll through the firm’s website and Success Stories page shows that Mr Nedim and his team have worked hard to ensure justice is served and clients who have done nothing wrong are released lawfully. If a client has been accused of a crime and does not speak English fluently, being prosecuted can be an even more terrifying ordeal. Fortunately, Sydney Criminal Lawyers boasts a culturally-diverse team of lawyers and administrative staff, able to speak Arabic, Korean, Greek, Chinese, Cantonese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Polish, Afrikaans, Zulu, and all manner of languages. For the languages that they are not well-versed in, the firm has a network of trusted interpreters and translators to assist with communication. Whilst every lawyer wants to work hard in ensuring that cases can be dropped early on, that is not always possible for every case. Sydney Criminal Lawyers works across all levels of the judicial system, taking cases as high as they need to go if the client wants it to. Having worked at local, district and Supreme court levels, the firm’s lawyers have won a multitude of cases, seen appeals granted and verdicts overturned, and helped clients avoid criminal convictions thanks to guilty pleas. T Having been trained and mentored by the legendary criminal defence lawyer Angus Neil-Smith, clients of Mr Nedim can rest easy in the knowledge that they truly are getting the best defence possible. Coupling his expert knowledge gleaned from Mr Neil-Smith with more than twenty-five years’ experience working in criminal and traffic law, Mr Nedim and Sydney Criminal Lawyers are undoubtedly one of the best firms practicing in Australia today. It is not all down to the hard work from Mr Nedim however. Surrounding himself with a team of experienced criminal defence lawyers, the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers work collaboratively with a pool of knowledge gathered over years in the courtrooms of New South Wales and beyond. Lawyers regularly consult with one another to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing field of criminal law, constantly devising, refining and implementing specialised techniques to achieve the best outcomes. That team approach can become particularly important in serious and complex criminal cases, such as murder, commercial drug cases, serious and sexual assaults, large-scale fraud, robbery and other indictable offences. Clients can reap the rewards of the hard work undertaken by Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Devising and executing strategies together as a team can maximise the likelihood of cases being dropped, downgraded or thrown out of court at early stages, which can save the client time, money, and anxiety. In the years since its formation, who can truly say how many lives have been changed for the better thanks to the actions of Mr Nedim and Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Carefully examining every detail, every scrap of evidence, and every action taken, the team are experts in helping get justice for those that deserve it. Company: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Contact: Ugur Nedim Website: “For criminals and wrongly- accused citizens alike, there can be no better peace of mind offered than that of the knowledge that Mr Nedim and his team working around the clock to gather together every shred of evidence.”