Issue 1 2019

6 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2019 Sintetica is a Swiss pharmaceutical company delivering innovative injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide through innovative science and excellence in development, production and marketing. Taking time out of his busy schedule is Global Markets Corporate Director Pasquale Mitidieri who tells us more about Global Division’s innovative business philosophy. Founded in 1921 and with its headquarters based in Mendrisio, Switzerland, Sintetica possess sites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom. With more than 300 people employed throughout Europe, the workforce is diverse, coming from 28 different countries across the globe. Sintetica’s primary focus is on local anaesthesia and pain relief. Today, the firm have more than 400 product registrations which have been submitted in over 100 different countries via the network of partners which they have accumulated over the last five years. The first phase of expansion covered most of North, Central and South America, South East Asia, and the Pacific. Many of these registrations have yet to come through, but so far, has seen strong growth in the US, and some good returns in the Pacific. With a Year on Year growth exceeding 100%, which consolidates the impressive growth stream of the last few years, the team at Sintetica have established themselves as leaders within their respected industry. Additionally, strategic vision of the global market trend evolution and business execution are some of the key factors of Sintetica Global Division’s remarkable success. Pasquale begins by informing us of the developments that Sintetica have had in recent times. “Starting from the assumption that the global market possesses the potential to represent the biggest business opportunity, Sintetica have moved globally with an innovative idea of value proposition, reinterpreting the real needs correspondent to therapeutic related classes and anticipating better and more consistent ways to treat patients. “Imaging future therapeutic scenarios, together with a deep understanding of the economic and social trends of all the countries where Sintetica could be the leader, were some of the real business innovation model step changes. Global Means Business “In addition to this, having a faultless execution has been a crucial aspect in order to go to the Markets coherently with this innovative value proposition.” This opportunity has been possible thanks the exceptional leadership of the Director of the Global Division, Pasquale Mitidieri who is always focused on the business model innovation, leveraging on business acumen and respect for his own people, business partners and patients. Supporting Pasquale and Global Division is the devoted team of individuals who form the backbone of the firm, working tirelessly to ensure that they achieve the overall mission of the company. When discussing the internal culture at the firm, Pasquale is keen to highlight the key role the team play in the overall success of Sintetica Global Division. “Global Division is formed up of talented multicultural and highly motivated employees, as well as being organized as an agile structure devoted to international leadership. “The internal divisions, which are based at the HQ, from where all international partners are managed, and one external structure of highly experienced and qualified alliance managers, show a great attitude on daily base execution of this innovative and successful business value proposition.” Essentially, the values of the company and the identity that is formed through the working culture are major aspects of what differentiates the firm from others, as Pasquale alludes to, as well as pointing out that the drugs supplied by Sintetica are of Sintetica ideology and are therefore individual in their production. “The convergence of these three well-defined areas make up the Sintetica Value Proposition. It is a distinctive and strategic element of their own identity in the wide world panorama of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, Sintetica does not only export drugs of the highest quality throughout the world, but also the complex of their own values. “The latter, shared by its network of global business partners, gives the global division its unique characteristics in their approach to international markets and profound value in the go to market philosophy.” Ultimately, whilst discussing the future of Sintetica, Pasquale signs off by revealing the exciting news which the team are delighted to “Sintetica have moved globally with an innovative idea of value proposition, reinterpreting the real needs correspondent to therapeutic related classes and anticipating better and more consistent ways to treat patients.” F