AI Magazine Issue 1 2018

38 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2018 Marvin J. Huberman, LL.B., LL.M (ADR), C.Arb, C.S. (Commercial Litigation) is a senior business lawyer, mediator, commercial arbitrator and former administrative judge based in Toronto, Ontario. We profiled Marvin to find out more about his company and what work he does to help clients. hroughout a legal career spanning over 30 years, Mr. Huberman has consistently appeared at the forefront of the industry, dedicating his knowledge, experience and energy to developing and advancing the legal profession. He holds a Master of Laws degree in alternative dispute resolution and is a certified specialist in civil litigation, and is a prolific author, speaker, legal instructor, award recipient, counsel on numerous reported cases, and member, chair and director of various legal committees, task forces and associations. Furthermore, Mr. Huberman is always striving for the highest quality professionalism. Mr. Huberman’s philosophy of meeting and exceeding professional standards is the driving force behind the high-calibre legal work he applies to every case. He serves individual and business clients, financial institutions, governments and other lawyers, acting in a variety of areas, notably as a mediator in business disputes and a commercial arbitrator in business and insurance disputes. Acting as a legal counsel in other sectors, Mr. Huberman also works in securities, corporate governance and shareholder matters; transportation litigation, and cross-border litigation. He also works in matters involving intellectual property rights, high technology strategy and real estate and landlord- tenant issues. It is clear from his extensive experience that Mr. Huberman is a well-respected and talented lawyer, as along with his in-depth knowledge of the sector, he is also versatile and adaptable, adapting to each situation and process as it arises. Adding further strings to his bow, Mr. Huberman also operates within commercial insurance law, constitutional, human right, public and administrative law, along with professional liability and commercial insurance disputes. As an appointed member of Ontario’s Court Civil Rules Committee, Mr. Huberman thoroughly Company: Marvin J. Huberman LL.B, LL.M. - Specialist in Commercial Litigation & Arbitration Contact: Marvin J. Huberman Contact Email: mhuberman@ Address: 20 Dundas Street W., Suite 1039, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2C2, Canada Phone: 001 416 646 1372 Website: A Specialist in Commercial Litigation & Arbitration: Toronto, Ontario T 1801AI57 understands the rules of civil procedure and plays a vital role in creating them. This added dimension of expertise backs his record of success in litigating cases before all levels of trial and appellate courts and numerous administrative tribunals. Regarding mediation services, since 1997, Mr. Huberman has mediated hundreds of legal cases throughout Toronto and Ontario. He has a proven track record of settlement in mediating insurance cases and a wide variety of commercial law matters. Although his dispute resolution practice also includes acting as an arbitrator, Mr. Huberman recognises the specialised skill set needed to make mediation a success. Upholding his sterling reputation, Mr. Huberman implements his core values of a decades-long practice into all his work. He strives mightily to integrate respect for the profession’s ideals and traditions into a strong sense of community and greater good. The three pillars of his practice are built on: Client focus — Mr. Huberman holds himself to a duty of fidelity toward all clients as he works to win them their rightful due from society. Community — Mr. Huberman feels a strong obligation to the courts, to our system of law and to the community as a whole. He works sincerely and continually at refining his qualifications, skills and personal qualities while administering the law. Conscience — Mr. Huberman is dedicated to high moral standards and using ethical means to pursue an ethical end, both in the legal profession and in life Ultimately, clients can work with Marvin J. Huberman knowing that they will receive the best results, as he utilises his experience and knowledge to always find the best solution. His incredible track record is a key reason why Mr. Huberman stands out in the industry apart from his competitors.