AI Magazine Issue 1 2018

34 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2018 Studio Legale Fabiano is an Italian Law Firm supporting a wide range of clients across many practice areas. Nicola Fabiano tells us about the success of his firm, outlining what makes it so special. stablished in 1994, Studio LegaleFabiano has been recognised in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Trusted Privacy & Data Protection Lawyers in Italy. The firm draws on the vast experience and expertise of Founder Nicola, who has been a lawyer since 1993, and acts as a Civil Law Specialist and Counsel of the Italian High Courts. Currently, he is responsible for the firm’s IT-Data Protection sector. Boasting a global presence, Nicola is a frequent speaker at international conferences where he presents his work on the relationship between innovation and the law, particularly regarding compliance with the Data Protection law. Nicola outlines the firm’s overall mission to us, listing what steps he takes to ensure the company achieves this, as well as explaining how the firm integrates innovation into every aspect of its work. “Throughout the company, staff work with the mission of providing legal services within the Italian Civil Law, focusing especially on the Data Protection, Privacy, Cybersecurity and Digital legal issues. For several months now, we are deepening on GDPR. We pay attention to the innovative phenomena such as, in the last time, Internet of Things and Blockchain. Also, we focus on the innovations to achieve our goals taking care of our clients. Our view is to look much further ahead, and we believe in the Digital Innovation, Internet of Things, Blockchain and their applications.” Adapting its services to suit the frequent and upcoming developments within the legal industry, is something which is very important to Studio Legale Fabiano. Nicola provides us with an overview of the industry currently within Italy, noting how important technology is in order to further advance the market as a whole. “Here at Studio Legale Fabiano, we help to develop the industry sector, especially regarding the Industry 4.0 project. In our opinion, it is essential to invest in the ICT sector because in this way it is possible to grow both innovation and work opportunities. “Additionally, we pay attention to the innovative solutions and applications, employing both new Company: Studio Legale Fabiano Contact: Nicola Fabiano Contact Email: Address 1: Via Dante Alighieri n. 5 - 71121 Foggia (Italy) Phone 1: 0039.0881724724 Address 2: Via Luigi Tosti n. 3 - 00179 Rome (Italy) Phone 2: 0039.06.9291.8591 Website: Intelligence and Discipline E 1801AI28 technologies resources and studying legal solutions for the market.” Collaboration and teamwork are both vital aspects of the firm’s success. Nicola alludes to this when talking us through the internal culture within the practice, as he explains how he ensures that all staff are in the best possible position to provide an excellent service to clients at all times. “Essentially, our law firm is based on the human connections, and each member of staff collaborates with others under the supervision of the Partners. This approach ensures that clients always receive the very highest standards of service and support at all times.” Differentiating itself from its competitors, Studio Legale Fabiano is committed to innovation, guaranteeing it is able to stand out within the industry as a creative and original law firm. “Innovation is our primary commitment to guarantee the best solutions for our clients. Also, we invest in studies and new technology resources as we constantly look to reinvent and tailor our services to our clients.” With regard to the global corporate landscape, Nicola comments on what advances he foresees within the sector, and how he and the firm will adapt around these. “Looking ahead, we believe that the global professional sector is moving forward to a new innovative view and only if you are ready for this panorama you could address the challenges and provide an excellent service level.” Ultimately, Nicola concludes the discussion by predicting what the future holds for Studio Legale Fabiano, commenting on the upcoming projects which are in the pipeline, as well as the firm’s main focus regarding GDPR. “Moving forward, there are many great projects which will help us to drive greater innovation and success. Nowadays, we are focusing on the GDPR and its applications such as cybersecurity measures. As such, we will continue to work seriously in this area, and our commitment is to always guarantee a perfect level of professionalism.”