AI Magazine Issue 1 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 1 2018 17 Law Firm Zavrsek LLC is a small to medium sized law firm according to Slovenian standards, providing a broad range of services. Featuring in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards as Practice Leader of the Year 2017 in Slovenia, Managing Partner, M.Sc. Roman Zavrsek gives us an overview of this insightful and award-winning law firm. he lawyers at Law FirmZavrsek possess a wide range of experience in different areas of law. Some of them have practised law in international organisations, governmental departments and offices before they joined the firm, which gives the practice a certain advantage over the competition. Law Firm Zavrsek’s good inside knowledge of the practice areas and functions of the international forum is also a certain safeguard for clients, who receive relevant information when needed. Roman outlines the services that the law firm offers, the companies it works with and the services they offer. “Throughout the company, our lawyers offer legal representation, advisory services and experienced guidance to both local and foreign clients. The office’s multi-disciplinary approach is based on a full-service philosophy. Legal services provided by the office are governed by three main principles: personalization of the relationship with the client; the search for an optimal solution, and strict respect of confidentiality.” Law Firm Zavrsek operates with a clear vision and mission, with Roman describing the firm’s eventual targets, highlighting innovation as a key aspect of the businesses success, and detailing what steps staff will take in order to achieve this. “Innovation is very important to the law firm, and new investment to legal framework and concerning the IT are favoured into the law firm. The lawyers of the firm regularly follow the development on the field of new legal practices and IT law.” Employing a multi-talented and diverse team, Roman comments on what he believes distinguishes Law Firm Zavrsek apart from the rest. He is keen to point out the excellent relationships that the company holds with its clients, including legal advisors, and he emphasises how important these relationships are to the firm. Company: Law Firm Zavrsek LLC Contact: M.Sc. Roman Zavrsek Attorney at Law, Managing Partner Contact Email: Address: Dalmatinova ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Phone: 00 386 1 430 40 96 Fax: 00 386 1 430 40 97 Mobile: 00 386 41 759 965 / 00 386 41 908 158 Skype/Facetime: zavrsek@ Web Address: Representation Within theCourts T 1801AI40 “A clear distinction of our firm is the high quality of professional service rendered to our clients. The feel- good factor between the client and the legal advisor throughout the relationship is essential. This provides the relationship with a clear sense of confidence on the one hand, and a firm foundation to treat and solve all legal problems on the other. “Essentially, our primary task is to meet the client’s needs and to safeguard their interests. The lawyers in office are familiar with different legal and business environments. Therefore, we have an advantage over our competitors. We closely follow trends in the global economy and cooperate with related field specialists: tax consultants, auditors, accountants and notaries. This synergy ensures the law firm that the client is provided with the best possible advice and solutions.” Describing the internal culture within the company, Roman explains that the thriving work environment leads to more work getting done and staff being much more motivated to achieve the firm’s overall goals. “Working within a competitive industry, the internal culture is very important to the law firm since it raises the work efficiency. The law firm tries to be socially responsible and puts a lot of effort on the good relations between all employees and social climate. All potential conflicts are solved in advance.” Regarding the future of Law Firm Zavrsek, Roman outlines the future plans for the firm, and how the teamwill adapt to the constantly arising developments within the industry. “Moving forward, the law firm is planning to extend its services to the field of unregulated services, as well as venturing into providing legal advice on crypto currencies, initial coin offering, blockchain applications, and many more. “Ultimately, the law firm is planning to upgrade its services using the appropriate and new technology, as well as AI. Such an approach will offer more tailor- made services to our clients and save time to the lawyers working on the case, and bring our services closer and more affordable to our clients.” “...the law firm is planning to upgrade its services using the appropriate and new technology, as well as AI.”