AI Magazine Issue 1 2018

10 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2018 SPA will absorb your brief, interrogate your objectives, then create and develop a powerful method of communication which directly appeals to and motivates your specific audience. We spoke to MD of the SPA Group Ltd, Simon Plumb as we look to explore more about his and the company’s success. he SPA Group Ltd is a multi-faceted communications agency with specialisms in marketing, PR and event management. The agency has always worked across a broad cross-section of industries and therefore, SPA is deemed a generalist agency, rather than focusing on any particular sector. The ethos the SPA Group Ltd has always operated with internally, is to make clients as successful as possible through the work the team performs for them. Simon tells us more about the company and how he measures his success, before going on to explain what he believes differentiates the SPA Group Ltd from other similar firms. “If the client succeeds then we succeed. This is often based on innovative but pragmatic creativity which works on all levels, either geared to bring in sales or build high levels of brand awareness, often doing both. “Essentially, I believe we differentiate ourselves from our competitors through innovative creativity. It is always great to find brave clients who believe in what you are offering them, and gives you the freedom to deliver powerful campaigns. Often, when clients are selecting agencies there is something that appeals beyond box ticking and cost-effectiveness. “There is often an instant chemistry which makes the process self-selecting. The same is true from the agency’s side, and a pitch can result in both sides coming to an understanding and forming a good working relationship.” Discussing what aspects of his work he enjoys particularly, Simon mentions that he is a keen motivator. He likes helping client directors to motivate their staff, be it through conferences and teambuilding exercises. Company: The Spa Group Events & Marketing Company Ltd Contact: Simon Plumb, MD Contact Email: Address: No.2 Bridgewater Court, Barsbank Lane, Lymm, Cheshire, WA13 0ER, UK Office: 00 44 (0)1925 755590 Mob: 07799 403121 Website: Facebook: thespagroup Twitter: thespagroup RevitalisingBusinesses T 1801AI03 “Enabling clients to broaden their horizons, I am a great believer in taking people out of their comfort zones and stretching imaginations. I love it when some, at first, look at you quizzically when given a task, then become completely engaged once the task is in process and then completed, wonderful.” Often, there are many challenges which present themselves within the industry, with Simon citing Brexit as a key hurdle which the SPA Group Ltd will have to overcome. “If anyone says Brexit has not presented problems in my sector they are being more than economical with the truth. There is no doubt in my mind that the Brexit vote and snap election have completely changed the UK’s business landscape in the short- term, and perhaps irreparably in the longer-term. “On a purely financial scale, budgets have been cut but it is an issue that we have to deal with and the staff will work hard in order to improve fortunes within the company.” Nevertheless, Brexit and many other challenges are facing the company and the market, and Simon alludes to what attributes and thoughts he believes make the most successful brand and business owners. “With regard to overcoming challenges, the most successful brand owners are those who continue to spend through the downturns. Naturally, someone like me would say that but it is something I firmly believe in.” As a mature operator, drawing on his previous experience and depth of knowledge, Simon is in no doubt that he will continue to succeed within the industry. He signs off by talking excitedly about some upcoming projects for the firm, as well “Moving forwards, I am enjoying my business life and perhaps the fruits of my labours. I am currently working on the marketing launch of a new product, with my client, an inventor, within the retail coffee industry which I am very excited about. It has worldwide potential and, if we get this right, it could change that sector’s landscape. All I can say at the moment is that we have found an industry blind spot and the time is coming when everyone will see it, the trade and consumer. It is unbelievably exciting. “Ultimately, in my view that is the secret, be excited about your work, share that excitement with your client and success will follow. It is that simple.” “I am currently working on the marketing launch of a new product, with my client, an inventor, within the retail coffee industry which I am very excited about.”