AI Magazine Issue 1 2017

8 Acquisition International - January 2017 Kanzlei Kleiner GmbH was founded 60 years ago, and has now grown in size to be widely respected for its specialist tax expertise, both nationally and internationally. All members of our staff hold certifications relevant to their specific area of expertise and are subject to internal assessment and external training. Winning the prestigious title for “Best in National and International Tax Matters” as part of the 2017 Global Excellence Awards was an unexpected surprise for us, and we are grateful to have been so recognised. y international standards, Kanzlei Kleiner GmbH’s office here in Graz, Austria, is not one of the big players; we work on a very personal level, we come straight to the point in question and we work fast. Since Austria became a member of the EU we have branched out into surrounding countries, both to the South East, to Italy and - in financial matters - to Frankfurt, Germany and London. We are proud to mention that even in the US and China, we are certified and able to apply our international tax law knowledge. We provide services for small and medium-sized companies here in Graz, Styria, two hours south- east of Vienna. Graz has an international airport with easy connections all over Europe. For services which extend beyond our wide range , we are happy to draw on the advice of professionals in our network of lawyers and notaries. Thanks to its membership of leading international associations , Kanzlei Kleiner has excellent contacts with experts all over the world. Our services include financial accounting, payroll accounting, incorporation of new companies, both large and small, abroad and nationwide. This is possible because our office is fully digitalised, making logistics and communication, both nationwide and abroad, as speedy and accurate as possible. We may not, and do not pass judgement on our peers in the tax profession when consulting in national and international tax matters. However, our foremost aim as a firm, is to strongly uphold the principle of working within the legal framework in Austria and, in regard to international tax matters, the legal framework of Double Taxation Treaties. Within these frameworks, we seek out legal and creative solutions to national and international tax problems, rather than leading our clients into problematic financial and over-complex tax situations. We represent and defend our clients in a proactive but responsible manner. We never merely act as messengers for our clients, but rather aim to assist and advise them within the lines defined by law and in the spirit of tax agreements. Dr. Fritz Kleiner, senior partner in our firm, holds a law degree and is a certified interpreter for the English language (Graz University). Two new tax counsel have joined the firm in the past few years who are now fully qualified partners. Both of them also hold law degrees from Graz University. (2) Serving small and medium-sized companies Our client base comprises mainly small and medium-sized companies. Our legally correct and straightforward work is accepted both by clients and tax administrators in Austria, including our contacts with the Ministry of Finance and, when appropriate, with the Austrian Justice Department in Vienna. Our business comes entirely from client recommendations. These are reinforced by our appearance in the Austrian media, not only in print and on TV, but also in our work for Austrian courts as certified experts in tax law, in financial accounting and business valuation as well as the defence of clients in criminal proceedings relating to Company: Kanzlei Kleiner GmbH Name: Dr. Fritz Kleiner Email: Web: Address: A-8010 Graz, Burgring 22 Telephone: 0043/316/811181 National and International TaxMatters B 1701AI43