AI Magazine Issue 1 2017

40 Acquisition International - January 2017 Coaching Executives to Success ActionCOACH is a dedicated Executive Coaching specialist. We invited Gareth Shackleton to tell us more about the range of services the firm offers. ctionCOACH offers a mixture of training courses, group coaching and one-to- one coaching. Gareth outlines the range of services the firm offers and how it aims to provide the solutions which meet its clients’ individual needs. “Here at ActionCOACH, our primary aim is to help business owners to build more valuable businesses by increasing profitability, scalability, sustainability and diversity. These are long-term goals and are reflected in our coaching programmes. In order to achieve these, we work hard to deliver value in the short, medium and long-term so that clients stay with us for several years as they learn and implement strategies across all aspects of their business: planning, sales, marketing, financial management, team building, leadership, process improvement, organisational development, etc. The focus is on our clients’ learning so they can recruit employees or contractors to do the work. To support our coaching programmes, we offer various additional services such as behavioural profiling, business plans, business valuations.” Getting results with clients is central to the success of ActionCOACH, and, as Gareth emphasises, this is why clients can rest assured that they will receive the very highest standards of service when they work with his firm. “At ActionCOACH, our successes are for the most part our clients’ successes and since all of our clients have experienced growth in the last year we have enjoyed an equally successful 12 months. Every one of them increased revenues by at least 30% and many have increased their workforce, some by as much as 100%. “This is our overall purpose and we enjoy supporting our clients and ensuring that they receive the very best service possible. Our independently administered client satisfaction survey in 2016 returned very pleasing levels of customer satisfaction. Our net promotor score was 56 with 92% of clients saying they would recommend us to a friend or colleague. Most clients (94%) said that we make a positive difference to their lives and 7 out of 10 said they had a better work-life balance because of working with us. 84% of clients said that working with us was worth the investment. This is a great achievement, although we are always seeking to improve and ensure that we work with clients to support them as best we can.” In order to build upon the firm’s current success and provide even greater support to its clients, both existing and future, ActionCOACH’s ongoing focus will remain on providing the very highest standard of service which meets its client’s needs, as Gareth highlights in his concluding comments. “During 2016 we grew by 50%, and towards the end of the year we introduced a new programme aimed at improving employee engagement. Although our focus is on coaching owners, they cannot grow the business alone, so having committed, engaged employees is essential. Sadly, employee engagement in the UK is running at an all-time low, despite years of interventions and training. What is available on the market today is not working, which is why we felt it was important to introduce this brand- new programme – Engage and Grow. The Red Belt programme is a 12-week action-based, neurologically designed programme to increase profit, productivity and leadership. We are very excited about the impact this programme will have on the working lives of business owners and employees alike. “Overall, our priorities moving forward are helping clients leverage the “seismic shifts” occurring in the world today; Brexit, Trump, technology, the environment, etc. through a more involved and committed workforce. This will ensure that our clients achieve more, as their employees will be achieving more too.” Company: ActionCOACH Name: Gareth Shackleton Email: garethshackleton@ Web: garethshackleton Address: North East & Cumbria Phone: 07740 284 169 Coaching Executives to Success A 1701AI129