AI Fund Awards 2018

Acquisition International - 2018 International Fund Awards 15 IF180018 Best HNW Asset Manager - Hong Kong Angus MooreWealth Management Limited Supporting a range of High Net Worth clients, Angus Moore works hard to ensure that they receive the solutions they need in this digital age. Ken explores how the firm achieves this thanks to its client focused approach. “Today, thanks to the internet and the digitalisation of the marketplace, clients are able to be more sophisticated and more demanding. In order to satisfy our clients, we definitely need to work extremely hard on two main items; our product development and client relationship management. Just selling a small range of products will not meet our clients’expectation, and as such we must need to provide more them with varieties of financial tools, keeping a close relationship with them and providing comprehensive wealth management advisory service. “These factors combine to create success in our market, and as such they are our focus here at Angus Moore. Together with our sister companies, we have formed a basket of services and products offering, i.e. funds, insurance, trust, wine investment, etc. With regards to our fund offering, our basic approach, before achieving any returns, is definitely to manage all the possible risk first. With the current market situation, we would strongly recommend investing in a diversified portfolio with different regions, countries, industries and asset classes, trying the best to lower the risk by using tools with low or even negative correlation. We support clients in this through our offering, and thanks to this one-stop-shop approach we are able to provide our clients with the solutions they need to succeed” Hong Kong offers Angus Moore a dynamic and prosperous base from which to support a wide range of clients, as Ken is keen to highlight. “Being one of the biggest International Financial Centres in the world, Hong Kong has a wide range of products and services that can fully satisfy our HNW clients, especially to those clients from Mainland China. The major challenge that we currently face is how to have an effective communication channel so that we can support those HNW clients, and over the years to come we will be working hard to overcome this.” Overall, despite the challenges the firm faces, looking to the future Ken is excited about the developments that the market will see as Angus Moore prepares to adapt around them to continue offering clients a service and product range that they can rely on. “With the rapid growth of Middle, Upper and UNW class of people in PRC, we foresee that there would be overwhelming people looking for a comprehensive and professional range of financial services over the coming years. We will definitely equip and upgrade ourselves in order to cope with the fast moving market and the developments we are seeing there. These include increased competition in the funds market and a greater focus on sustainability and risk management. “Ultimately, Angus Moore, together with all the other subsidiaries of Fortuna Group Holding (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, remains committed to providing the most comprehensive and competitive services and solutions to clients from around the world. We will continue to focus on this as we seek to build upon our current success and support even more clients over the years to come.” Angus Moore Wealth Management Limited, a subsidiary of Fortuna Group Holding (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, offers a wide range of wealth management service to its esteemed clientele. We invited Director of Wealth Management Ken Wong to tell us more about the firm and the secrets behind its success. Company: Angus Moore Wealth Management Limited Contact: Ken Wong Position: Director, Wealth Management Email: Address: Units 2617-18, 26/F, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong “In order to satisfy our clients, we definitely need to work extremely hard on two main items; our product development and client relationship management.” Angus Moore Wealth Management Limited