AI Fund Awards 2018

12 Acquisition International - 2018 International Fund Awards IF180012 Best Early Stage VC Fund - North America & AI Excellence Award in Value Added VC Funding Blue Scorpion Investments L.P. Established in October 2015, BSI invests in socially conscious companies that disrupt consumer behaviour and improve everyday life. BSI aims to capitalize on expansion opportunities as a result of tremendous advancement in e-commerce and social media, which has made customer acquisition costs substantially lower, hence giving rise to new consumer facing businesses that are reaching profitability more quickly than in the past. Fundamentally, BSI intends to bring the best consumer brands to the forefront, enabling both consumer-facing businesses and their targeted customers to have success and satisfaction in the ephemeral, yet inherently endless consumer experience. Currently the fund’s portfolio includes companies within the tech, lifestyle, wellness, fashion and food industries. BSI tends to invest in companies with revenue over $1 million which helps mitigate start up risk. Additionally, the fund engages with its portfolio companies as creative directors and assist them with their creative and marketing needs to ensure acceleration of growth and more certainty of success. To mitigate risk, the fund invests in a diverse portfolio within the consumer sector, offering investors peace of mind and strong returns. To provide clients with the very highest possible standards of service, BSI collaborates with people and companies who exhibit passion, honesty and authenticity in what they do. The team at BSI hand select the brands we work with and it is important that they are passionately interested in their products and mission. As such, the team ensure its brands are solving issues or in the words are improving people’s lives with their products or services on a daily basis. Overall, within the consumer sector today there is a major shift, as consumers are moving away from traditional retail into online. They are also migrating from luxury goods and services into affordable luxury. The challenge for funds such as BSI is to always be more predictive of the future and invest in companies that are willing to align or reposition themselves to adapt to the ever changing consumer landscape. To adapt around these developments, looking ahead BSI will continues expanding and pushing the boundaries for its current companies. The team are currently engaged in a daily search for new opportunities in the children, pet, beverage and health and wellness spaces. In the investment market, VC funds are becoming more value added than simply a source of capital. As capital is abundant, in order to stay relevant some level of value add will become a necessity. BSI will continue to improve its value add to portfolio companies over the years as the team grows it value added services to add other functions beyond the creative and marketing side, offering many exciting opportunities for further growth and expansion for this dynamic and innovative fund. Blue Scorpion Investments, L.P. (BSI) a Delaware limited partnership, is an early-stage venture capital investment fund focused on consumer facing businesses. We profile the firm to learn more and explore the secrets behind its incredible success. Company: Blue Scorpion Investments L.P. Contact: Gautam Ahuja Address: 54 Thompson Street, 3rd Floor, New York, 10012, USA Phone: 001 646 854 5172 Web: Jamison Ernest