AI Fund Awards 2017

Acquisition International - International Fund Awards 2017 29 UB Real Asset Management Ltd Wolverine Asset Management. LLC Best Emerging Market REIT Equity Fund (3 Years): UB REIT Asia Plus & Best Investment Manager 2017 - Finland Best US Focused Relative Value Hedge Fund: #Wolverine Flagship Fund & Best International Alternative Asset Manager 2017 - Illinois UB Real Asset Management Ltd Wolverine Asset Management, LLC UB Real Asset Management Ltd is a leading Nordic investment manager with a focus on listed real assets. Managing Director and portfolio manager Mr. Aki Kostiander tells us more. Wolverine Asset Management, LLC (WAM) is an alternative asset management firm headquartered in Chicago. We caught up with Director of Marketing and Investor Relations, Asha Olasa, to find out more. Company: UB Real Asset Management Ltd Web: Address: Aleksanterinkatu 21 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland Telephone: +358 9 2538 0300 Company: Wolverine Asset Management, LLC Name: Asha Olasa, CAIA – Director of Marketing and Investor Relations Email: Web: Address: 175 W. Jackson, Suite 340 Telephone: 312.884-3101 IF17013 IF17033 UB Real Asset Management Ltd (UB Real Assets) is a leading Nordic investment manager with a focus on listed real assets. UB Real Assets is a subsidiary of the United Bankers Group (UB) which is listed on First North Finland (Nasdaq Helsinki) since 2014. Aki outlines the range of investment options the firm offers for its clients and how it works to ensure they receive the very best solutions on the market. “Here at UB Real Assets, we offer real assets investment solutions to investors as a way to both protect against inflation and to deliver sufficient real returns over the long term. We have over a decade long history of managing global listed real asset portfolios with a smart beta approach.” “Our investment philosophy is based on a quantitative investment approach that focuses on smart beta strategies within our asset class. Our expertise ranges from REITs to Established in 2001, WAM seeks to generate absolute returns by investing in the equity, credit, commodity, and volatility asset classes. The investor base includes sophisticated institutional clients such as pension funds, endowments, foundations, and fund of funds. Asha discusses the firm’s product offering and how it helps clients meet their investment objectives. “The Wolverine Flagship Fund invests in high barrier-to-entry relative-value strategies. Our portfolio managers take advantage of a highly developed technology infrastructure that incorporates proprietary analytics. This technology plays a vital role in how we can exploit dislocations in both volatility and basis. Risk management is equally central to our approach, beginning with trading and position limits coded into our execution infrastructure.” WAM has successfully adapted to changing environments and market conditions over its 15+- infrastructure companies globally as well as asset allocation within the real assets investment universe. We do not track any indices and our goal is to generate attractive returns with a focus on risk management.” Looking to the future, Aki emphasises UB Group’s ongoing focus on high quality asset management within the real assets sector. “In order to stay at the forefront of our industry our investment process and our products are designed to be transparent and cost efficient. Development of our product and services solutions corresponds to meeting the highest standards of the needs of institutional investors.” “Due to our focus on a niche asset class and being a Finnish asset manager our customer base is currently mainly Nordic institutional investors, but we hope to reach out to European investors within the next few years”. year history. This success is attributable to its emphasis on continuous improvement and pursuit of new investment opportunities. WAM also continues to make significant investments in cutting edge technology. This on-going investment, coupled with a culture of innovation, is the life blood that allows WAM to develop new capabilities to help investors achieve their investment objectives, as Asha concludes. “WAM is very excited about the future and the opportunity set. Over the past three years we have invested heavily in both people and technology, which resulted in the development of new strategies in the credit, mortgage and volatility asset classes; as well as enhancing existing strategies as evidenced by the release of our next generation Capital Structure Arbitrage valuation model. We have expanded our capacity to take risk with a broader universe of instruments and are excited for the opportunities this will bring for our firm.”