AI Fund Awards 2017

26 Acquisition International - International Fund Awards 2017 PC Capital Prime Meridian Capital Management Growth Equity Fund Manager of the Year - Mexico Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Fund (Since Inception): Prime Meridian Income Fund & Best Investment Management Firm 2017 - Western USA PC Capital PrimeMeridian Capital Management PC Capital is a Private Equity and Investment Banking firm formed by individuals with vast experience in their industry. Pablo Cervantes provides us with an overview of the firm and its fund, the Mexico Development Fund I. Prime Meridian Capital Management is a specialty asset manager dedicated to the P2P/Marketplace Lending industry. We spoke to Managing Partner and Founder, Don Davis to find out more. Company: PC Capital Name: Pablo Cervantes Email: Web: Address: Av. Paseo de la Reforma 2654, Mexico City. CP: 11950 Telephone: 5257-4991 Company: Prime Meridian Capital Management Name: Don Davis Web: IF17008 IF17009 PC Capital is a Mexico City based financial firm offering one fund, the Mexico Development Fund I, a growth fund investing in SMEs requiring working capital injections to fuel unmet demand for their products and capital investments to replicate already proven business concepts. The firm works with a strong investor base ranging from family offices to Multinational Development Banks and Funds of Funds. Pablo discusses the fund in greater detail and outlines its proactive investor approach. “Here at PC Capital, we currently offer only one fund, Mexico Development Fund I, which makes private equity investments in proven business models and extraordinary managers. We manage risk by constantly monitoring our portfolio company’s activities and have important rolls with in each Company Board.” Looking ahead, Pablo is excited for the future as he discusses the Founded in 2012, Prime Meridian Capital Management’s Funds are the only known family of pure-play strategies dedicated to the P2P/ Marketplace Lending space in the U.S.A. The firm offers a variety of funds that provide investors with access to professionally managed, short-duration, high yield loan portfolios focused on each of the primary lending verticals of consumer, small business, and real estate lending. Don explains how the firm manages risk within its myriad of funds and investment products, ensuring strong returns for investors. “Here at Prime Meridian Capital Management we manage risk by staying true to quality lending, strong diversification (our Income fund alone has over 16,000 loans, across dozens of vintages), consistent portfolio construction, conservative valuation, and disciplined service providers. Our clients are often like us in that they appreciate a quality, transparent investment that is unique relative to the many other more common investments they own, and therefore we work hard to provide such a service for them at all times.” Overall, while originating well over $20 Billion of loans in 2016, the P2P/Marketplace Lending firm’s upcoming plans, which revolve around growth and expansion. “In the future we are keen to build upon our current success, and as such we are preparing to launch our first Real Estate Fund in 2017. “Within our region we foresee many challenges ahead, as Mexico’s GDP is expected to grow at a very slow rate in 2017 with major challenges including low cost of oil, on which Mexico significantly depends, the imminent rise of interest rates, US dollar appreciation as well as President’s Trump approach to the NAFTA. As of now, all most every industry in Mexico is on standby, expectant to how Mr. Trump will react on his first days of presidency. Whatever the future has in store, here at PC Capital we are keen to continue offering the very highest standard of service and investment products to our clients.” industry is still in its early stages of development. The Industry is anticipated to continue to grow rapidly due to the increasing demand for faster and more transparent loans that are provided by online loan originators. Don concludes by discussing the many opportunities this invigorating space provides for firms such as Prime Meridian Capital Management. “The future for Marketplace Lending is very bright. While there are always challenges along the way, the superior characteristics of the industry’s product should continue to draw borrowers and investors alike to this opportunity, and we are excited for the opportunities that this dynamic space will bring us moving forward.”