International Finance Awards 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 International Finance Awards 9 Dedicated to providing clients with cutting-edge support and service they can rely on, Blue Ocean Finance S.p.A. is a financial consulting company for SMEs and innovative start-ups. To celebrate the firm’s win in our 2019 International Finance Awards we profile it and share the secrets behind its win in this competitive awards programme. Blue Ocean Finance S.p.A. new entrant to the financial consultancy market, Blue Ocean Finance was created in 2018 to draw on the experience of a team that has been operating in the field of business and financial consulting for over ten years. Changes related to technological, regulatory and market developments make it necessary for SMEs to focus attention on the financial sustainability of their business and the ability to attract resources to sustain growth. Blue Ocean Finance has, over the years, refined techniques that have enabled the companies it supports to grow, reach their goals and overcome challenges. Thanks to their extensive financial market expertise, the firm’s team constantly strive to create value for assisted companies, and for this reason most of its compensation is linked to the achievement of results. The team asks the companies it supports to leave their comfort zone to reach an unexplored space, capable of creating value for them and their customers. This service offering comes from the competence and passion of a dynamic group ready for any challenge, made up of leading personalities in the field of corporate finance, banking consulting and subsidized finance. A Through the provision of its award-winning service offering, Blue Ocean Finance aims to be the trusted advisor of its customers, providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress. This is its constant focus and the driving force behind each and every member of the firm’s dedicated and professional team of seasoned financial experts. Ultimately, Blue Ocean Finance understands that SMEs are the beating heart of any prospering economy, and as such it is deeply committed to continually supporting them and driving the sector to even greater success through its provision of award-winning financial consultancy services. Company: Blue Ocean Finance S.p.A. Contact: Giuliano Gigli Website: Best Emerging SME Financial Consulting Firm - Italy