International Finance Awards 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 International Finance Awards 5 Supporting clients across the Central Europe region, ATT Investments offers innovative commodities trading services. We showcase the firm and the work it undertakes to give our readers an insight into how it came to win one of our highly-prized International Finance Awards for 2019. ATT Investments ith more than 10 years collective experience in financial commodity markets, ATT Investments is able to provide award-winning commodities trading solutions, including selling gold, precious stones and jewellery. Dedicated to providing its investors with a luxurious experience, the team at ATT Investments have made their comfort and happiness their number one priority. As part of this focus, they have a range of luxury villas and comfortable showrooms for clients so that they can relax in style whilst they work with this dynamic and dedicated team. Alongside its decedent spaces, the firm also has exceptional quality IT systems and a strong focus on marketing, allowing it to offer clients efficient service and online support that is unrivalled in the Central European commodities trading space. Thanks to a family culture, the team at ATT Investments all understand the firm’s drive towards client satisfaction and are happy to work tirelessly to ensure that everyone it supports feels like they are the W firm’s core priority. Their satisfaction is paramount, and the team will stop at nothing to make sure they enjoy their experience working with this innovative company. As a driven and ambitious company, ATT Investments is eager to grow in the Czech and Slovak Republic over the years to come, and this will remain the firm’s core focus as it looks towards a prosperous future filled with new challenges to overcome and opportunities to enjoy. Fundamentally, as the Central European monetary system struggles, ATT Investments foresees a future firmly rooted in gold, and as such it is perfectly poised to achieve great success for itself and, most importantly, its investors. Company: ATT Investments Name: Miroslav Zadák Address: Pod Altánem 428/34 100 00 Praha 10 Telephone Number: +420605119259 Web Address: Best Commodity Trading Company - Central Europe