International Finance Awards 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 International Finance Awards 29 With offices in London and Shanghai, Vorto Trading is an internationally renowned FX trading house. To celebrate the firm’s success in our 2019 International Finance Awards we offer a unique glimpse into how far it has come over the years and the achievements it has made. Vorto Trading hanks to the expertise of its management team which spans over 50 years of foreign exchange experience, Vorto Trading is able to empower individuals and organisations to send currencies around the world. Whilst Vorto Trading itself is only a few years old, the expertise of its senior team combines perfectly with its flexible nature to ensure that the firm is constantly offering clients unique solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. T The company’s diverse clientele ranges from large financial institutions to global sports brands, Premiership football clubs to high street retailers, as well as importers, manufacturers or any company or individual that has foreign currency exposure and requires expert support and innovative solutions. Strong partnerships are the foundation of Vorto Trading’s success, and collaboration is central to its approach, as the firm works hard to ensure its clients receive an integrated solution that completely meets their needs. Such an innovative and dynamic approach enables the firm to offer solutions that its competitors simply cannot and helps the team to solve the problems its clients are facing. Ultimately, Vorto Trading has great ambition and will be continuing to grow within the currency space over the years ahead. Moving forward, the finance industry seems to be heading along a similar line to the development of supermarkets, where you can get everything you need under one roof. Consumers want convenience and they want one place to deal with all of their financial needs, and as such the expert team at Vorto Trading have already been on the front foot and added more products to their brand. In the future, the team will continue to seek any new products or services that their clients could benefit from to ensure they remain at the forefront of emerging market developments and able to offer them solutions that are ahead of the firm’s competitors. Company: Vorto Trading Name: Bobby Ward Address: The Spice Building, 8 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4PL Telephone Number: 02033071146 Web Address: Best Emerging Payments Solutions Provider 2019