International Finance Awards 2019

26 Acquisition International - 2019 International Finance Awards Swiss SBS GVA S.A is dedicated to providing award-winning IT outsourcing support and services to clients across the financial market. Celebrating its success in the 2019 International Finance Awards we profile it and showcase how far it has come over the years. SBS GVA S.A ounded by a group of professionals with more than 20 years’ experience in banking, insurance and industry, SBS GVA S.A is able to offer a wide range of innovative services in these areas. When they started the company, they were committed to sharing their know-how and to address a real need in the field of banking and financial services. Today they work with a wide variety of clients, helping them to create Data Hubs where all their information is stored centrally, enabling clients to better manage their information and provide clients with efficient, effective services. Its core services are market data optimization and Business Process Outsourcing for securities files from companies. Working predominantly with banks and insurance companies, the firm provides expert support and service that cannot be found elsewhere. Alongside this, the firm also offers a myriad of services across the business management, IT resourcing, outsourcing and Big Data sectors. As such, clients know that when they work with SBS GVA S.A they will receive a fully integrated service that meets their exact needs. Providing a service that can support clients through whatever changes their business or market may be undergoing, the firm offers IT governance and strategy support that will ensure long-term success. After all, cost optimization and effective budget management are key F challenges for IT decision-makers, and as such the team can help them to make changes that will benefit the company in the long and short term and ensure its ongoing success and compliance with any relevant legislation. This is particularly important to clients in the financial sector, as data management and security are vital to ensuring clients know their information is safe. Due to frequent changes in contract, licensing rules and user rights, the IT world is extremely complex, but SBS GVA S.A uses its expertise to make it less so for clients. Ultimately, SBS GVA S. A’s main objective is to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions, either in-house or following the BPO model (Business Process Outsourcing), to manage all of its clients’ financial tools and support them in budget optimisation for all of their projects. This will remain the firm’s core focus over the coming years as it seeks to build upon its already incredible success. Company: SBS GVA S.A Contact: Dany Vial Website: Best Financial Firm IT Outsourcing Consultancy - Switzerland