International Finance Awards 2019

22 Acquisition International - 2019 International Finance Awards PHOENICI is an innovate financial services company specialised in Identity protections solutions, AML and GDPR services. To celebrate the firm’s success in the 2019 International Finance Awards we profile it and share the secrets behind its success in this awards programme and with its myriad of clients. PHOENICI n the current market, where online threats are increasingly dangerous and cyber hackers increasingly skilled, strong online protection solutions and knowledge is crucial for both businesses and individuals. Working to meet this need, PHOENICI provides a unique service to individuals to protect their identity and to stop the dissemination of their identity documentation for compliance requirements. Simultaneously by providing B2C2B services, the firm is able to help professionals to reduce the risk to get their clients identity stolen in their systems. When the firm first began life the identity theft problem or cybersecurity were not important matters, but now that people realise the risks, it is accelerating. The market did not see PHOENICI coming, and as such many criminals were blindsided by the innovative nature of the firm’s unique solutions. Today PHOENICI prides itself on being so innovative that it is already ahead of the needs of the market, but in order to secure some future I developments the teamwork on a daily basis on the new kind of identity theft cases to which they are confronted. Working on real cases, the firm’s expert team are the most informed and well positioned to apply new solutions on the market currently. Ultimately, PHOENICI is on a mission to reduce drastically the number of identity theft victims which has, until today, an exponentially evolution of 15% every year, which means millions of victims. The firm’s expert team will continue to adapt and enhance their service offering to meet the ever-changing needs of this dynamic market. They are eager to expand internationally, particularly into the UK, USA and Canada, to meet growing demand in these regions for expert cyber security support. Company: PHOENICI Name: Giovanni Patri Address: 31, Rue D'oradour, L-2266 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Telephone Number: +325 28 89 28 18 Web Address: Most Innovative Identity Protection Solutions Company - West Europe