International Finance Awards 2019

18 Acquisition International - 2019 International Finance Awards Aiming to offer an innovative approach to finance, Kurecoinhub provides cryptocurrency services to investors throughout the financial space and around the world. As we celebrate the firm’s win in the 2019 International Finance Awards, we offer an overview of how far it has come. Kurecoinhub young entrant to the bourgeoning cryptocurrency space, Kurecoinhub allows clients to buy, sell and bank their cryptocurrency assets, all on one easy-to-use platform. Unique to the market, KurecoinHub is an enterprise solution platform built with blockchain technology for financial activities both in cryptocurrency and in fiat which give users the option to buy and sell and bank cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers collateral free loans in fiat to users that bank their assets on the platform. Users on Kurecoinhub whose cryptocurrencies are banked, is paid interest on each of the crypto-currency banked on the platform. The idea behind the banking feature on the hub is based on the fact that cryptocurrency asset today will not be the same in 5– 10 years. As such, users have flexibility and can easily liquidate assets or review their status. The platform’s banking system gives users the opportunity to save their assets and also receive up 20% interest at the end of the banking tenure. Similarly, the hub has the option that offers collateral free loans to users if and when a need arises, or a user wishes to venture into any business and requires fiat. This loan is available up to 50% of every cryptocurrency banked on the platform. Additionally, Kurecoinhub also allows for the sales of token-based projects on the platform to cryptocurrency investors right in their local currencies. Project owners looking to sell their ICO coin/token-based projects other than in their websites can take advantage of our wide community and list their coins/tokens. A While most cryptocurrency platforms offer users the opportunity to purchase one or two cryptocurrencies, KurecoinHub however solves that problem by making it seamless and easy for users to purchase up to 13 cryptocurrencies, and many more will be added in the future to ensure that clients continue to receive the most cutting-edge solutions and services possible. As part of this focus on making the consumer experience as efficient as possible, the firm has a dedicated customer support team that reach out to users on the platform via calls and emails. As a result, they are able to receive constant feedback from service users and understand how to enhance the platform. Ultimately, with over 30,000 people around the world using its platform, Kurecoinhub is already well on its way to achieving its mission: to be the gateway to cryptocurrency in Africa. This aim will drive the company over the years to come as it seeks to grow and expand its reach whilst continuing to offer the cutting-edge cryptocurrency services that it has built its current success upon. Company: Kurecoinhub Name: Abikure Tega Address: Water cooperation Victoria island lagos Telephone Number: +2348103750822 Web Address: Best Cryptocurrency Platform 2019 - Nigeria