AI Finance Awards 2018

8 Acquisition International - 2018 International Finance Awards FN180010 Best Finance Law Firm 2018 - Jordan Rajai K. W. Dajani & Associates / Associated Legal Advisors In 1990, attorney Rajai K. W. Dajani founded a pioneering law firm in Amman, Jordan to provide the highest quality legal services on an international level. Since then, the firm has grown as a leading consulting firm that continues to expand and gain comprehensive expertise in all areas of the law. Since inception, the firm’s vision has been to continue providing legal services to international standards in a commercial and responsive manner. Today, the firm’s market leading presence and experience makes it the first choice among the leading national and international corporate and financial institutions looking for Jordanian legal advice. Indeed, the team remain committed to developing areas of legal services in Jordan that have not reached the same standards as transactional practices require. Today, Rajai K. W. Dajani & Associates’ areas of expertise cover agency distributorship and corporate; commercial and transactions; insurance and maritime; intellectual property and information technology; international, litigation and arbitration; mergers and acquisitions; real estate and qualified industrial zone projects; public; private sector and privatization and other transactions, telecommunications and information technology. Supporting such a wide range of clients, the firm’s team has the local and international knowledge and expertise that serves as its clients’ gateway to Jordanian business and investment. The team put the needs of their clients first. Even as referrals from their core client base increase and the firm grows, the team continue to believe in serving their clients with the utmost professionalism, ever-mindful of the highest ethics. This dedicated team of expert legal advisors and professional corporate lawyers are experienced in responding efficiently and proficiently to any advice and enquiry. Since its establishment, the team at Rajai K. W. Dajani and Associates has consistently reflected success in the quality of the legal services rendered to clients. The team fully understands the needs of its clients, enhancing its ability to provide clear, efficient and prompt advice based on a real understanding of the issues raised and both local and international laws and regulations. With years of experience and a wide range of contacts, Rajai K. W. Dajani & Associates navigates clients through the local bureaucratic maze. The firm represents clients in a broad range of international transactions, overseas clients are actively counselled in the structuring and implementation of similar investments or business projects in Jordan. The firm advised clients on matters as diverse as the Iraq oil- for-food committee issues as well as on real estate development projects in the Persian Gulf countries. Clients may request legal advice on compliance with export controls; fund transfers, or seek assistance with internal audits and international trade regulations. Dajani & Associates is prepared to extend knowledgeable counsel to clients every step of the way. When working in this fast paced market, Rajai K. W. Dajani & Associates undertakes the necessary research and analysis ahead of an investment, takeover or business in connection with Mergers and acquisitions on several aspects of a business or corporate structure related to corporate finance strategy as well as other assets. The potential investor generally uses the firm’s services for due diligence and corporate investigations to investigate the background and principals of the target company. Over the years, the firm has been engaged as counsel in the financing of major ground-breaking projects involving aviation. ThefFirm has worked as a counsellor of high profile aviation project for ICBC International Leasing Company Limited in connection with the purchase of several aircrafts and leased by the Royal Jordanian Airlines PLC, whereby it has advised on the enforceability of the financing documentation, title and registration transfer formalities (specifically, the documents required for maintaining the rights of ICBC as a purchaser in the aircrafts) in Jordan; and reviewed Lease Novation Agreements relating to such aircrafts from a Jordanian law aspect, and advised about the enforceability of the agreement as drafted. Rajai K. W. Dajani and Associates advised ICBC on regulatory and taxation issues pertaining to the aircraft sale and lease novation transactions. Looking ahead, Rajai K. W. Dajani & Associates will continue to offer its clients the same award-winning services that they have come to rely on. Rajai K. W. Dajani & Associates is a client focused Jordanian law firm offering support across a range of practice areas. We provide a fascinating overview of the firm and the range of services it has to offer to its valued clients. Company: Rajai K. W. Dajani & Associates / Associated Legal Advisors Contact: Yousef S. Khalilieh Address: Fourth Floor, Jordan Tower Building, 5 Thaqafa Street Shmeissani | PO Box 5590, Amman, 11183, Jordan Phone: 00962 6 568 0111 Email: Web Address: