AI Finance Awards 2018

Acquisition International - 2018 International Finance Awards 7 Clients’ data and reputation are safe with CCICM because the firm never compromises on quality. Data systems are fully-secure and in accordance with ISO 27001 and the UK Cyber Essentials Scheme to prevent hacking, while the quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 approved. “We subscribe to all of the highest compliance best- practice standards and our compliance officer Leanne (pictured) ensures we deliver these worldwide,” Carl adds. Looking ahead, CCICM is keen to continue eschewing the traditional formulaic approach to debt collection that it sees elsewhere, in exchange for bespoke solutions to suit its clients. Carl outlines how the firm will strive to improve its philosophy, culture and practice as it aims for an even brighter future. “Ultimately, at CCICM we are pragmatists, so we create what the market actually requires, rather than following the ‘build it and they will come’ school of business. Currently, we are focussing heavily on innovative solutions for the high-value, international, commercial sector. Historically, law firms have dominated this space, but we are seeing an increased appetite for using non-adversarial solutions, some of which may include lawyers.” Carl explains the reasons for CCICM & ICE’s success. “We have enjoyed double-digit growth for the past five years with over 16% achieved for the last 12 months. We wish there was a secret – however, we stick to the basics. “Firstly, we put our clients’ interests before our own and continue to offer the best value-for-money service available. That is reflected in repeat business, client retention, and recommendations. Secondly, we strive to innovate. Every year we invest in new services designed to increase the effectiveness of our global supply chain. Finally, we invest heavily in ensuring we remain the world’s most compliant international agency. “Of course, all of this costs, but that investment means we continue to enjoy growth and our market- leading position,” says Carl. In conclusion, Carl sums up CCICM’s approach. “Our approach is all about creating enough options to deliver the most effective strategy, so that we can further enhance our success over the years to come.” CCI Credit Management Limited "We deliver the highest compliance best-practice standards worldwide."