AI International Finance Awards 2017

6 Acquisition International - International Finance Awards 2017 Best Finnish Insurance Brokerage 2017 IIZI Firstbrokers Oy IIZI Firstbrokers audit Oy benchmark, design and administrate all kinds of risks. The firm possesses over 25 years of experience in servicing multinational clients together with its networks in Finland and Finnish clients abroad. A truly multilingual staff with expertise and talent to listen have led the company to a lot of recent success. The company takes care of the insurance business of its client companies from start to finish and is always at the customer’s side. Staff map the customers’ risks, analyse them and make an action plan on the required insurance coverage. The firm competes for insurance and then provides the right solutions for which the customer chooses to ensure their insurance coverage. Recent developments have seen the firm accomplish new network partners worldwide and it has won several big clients in global tenders. Specialising in employee benefits, the company is always looking to put its clients first, making sure staff and employees in other companies get the best cover for their insurance. Working within Finland may see some major challenges to the business but also some benefits. The market is limited within Finland, as the insurance market is dominated by three carries who make the market unique. IIZI attempts to offer variety of foreign choices and alternatives to its domestic clients. Staff at the firm are always striving to provide the best possible service to clients. The employees work fast and are easy to understand, as well as being honest and open, keeping clients up to date with any developments. The company work hard to ensure that no matter what size the client is, they will get the same service as a big multi-national company can expect. Being a business that ensures clients get the best service, the firm works hard to ensure staff employ a personal touch without the industry jargon. The IIZI Firstbrokers Oy is first in its field in Finland servicing companies in risk management. We profiled the firm to find out more about the services it offers and its recent accomplishments. Keeping up with developments within the industry, the firm are always monitoring trends and working on ideas as to how stay ahead of other companies’ advances. FN170009 team at IIZI believe that good customer relationships ensures good business for both the company and the client. Staff are able to follow easy and simple processes when working with clients. Contributing the firms ongoing success is the ongoing auditing clients in order to identify potential risks. Transparency is a key factor in differentiating IIZI Firstbrokers apart from its competitors. The firm believes its transparency allows it to build up trust and confidence with its clientele. Customers are able to feel comfortable even if they are discussing a complex issue with staff, thanks to employees being compassionate and understanding with any issue that arises. Keeping up with developments within the industry, the firm are always monitoring trends and working on ideas as to how stay ahead of other companies’ advances. Notable trends include when the economy has slowed down and clients are concentrating on their more important tasks and business, therefore outsourcing the rest of their work to professionals such as IIZI. With regard to the future, the firm will look to adapt to new potentially challenging issues such as a rise in cybercrime which could have a serious effect on companies. As more and more new products become available, there will be new dangers and risks which the staff at IIZI will be looking to tackle and protect the firm’s clients. With its excellent customer service and wealth of experience, the firm can look ahead to building on its strong foundations. Contact: Jaava Myllyniemi Contact Email: Address: Vattuniemenkuja 4 E, Helsinki, FI-00210, Finland Website: