Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

68 Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 May23609 Most Esteemed Forensic Educator 2023 (UK) Over the years, Jo Millington has worked with scientists responsible for some of the most significant developments in forensic science, some of whom inspired her to become a forensic scientist in the first place. Here we learn more from Jo as she wins her title in the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023. “My mantra is to build on the past, live in the present, and invest in the future. It drives me to promote education and share best practice. I hold visiting positions at several UK universities and contribute to universitylevel forensic science programmes – inspiring the next generation of forensic scientists. “I have been a forensic scientist for over 25 years. Starting in Scotland, I completed my own BPA training in Miami and joined the London homicide division of the Forensic Science Service, before transitioning to private practice. “I am the founder of two female-led client-focused forensic science companies, Millington Hingley and Spatter/ED Ltd. “Millington Hingley ( is a forensic science consultancy. Our principal expertise is in forensic biology, and we work with a team of internationally recognised forensic scientists to deliver forensic science services. “Spatter/ED ( is a bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) training and education platform delivering a portfolio of online and practical training courses to forensic, crime scene and legal practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world. “Positive change can be slow or sporadic especially in larger organisations where change often relies on implementation of new policy, practice and culture. It is easier to implement change in a smaller company and women like myself are thriving in directorial positions within micro and SME businesses. I have full oversight of our social, environmental and EDI values and can ensure that they are indelibly carved into our culture. We nurture a positive attitude to work-life balance and have implemented progressive working patterns to enable flexible working and accessibility.” Speaking of her work/life balance, Jo says: “I allow myself time to reflect. I know that I am very lucky to have my dream job, and that many people don’t have the same freedom or opportunities. I am also acutely aware that my success is a direct result of the people who have supported me along the way, and I strive to pay forward the generosity of their time and knowledge. “I also have a puppy called Bracken, which is synonymous with striking a positive work-life balance. Ironically, this only happened after I set up two companies and I have never been busier, but I work smarter, and I am happy … and Bracken does help me out as editor of the BPA Dog Blog! “I have taken positive experiences from my career so far and packaged them into inclusive companies that value diversity, are pro-STEM, pro-collaboration and have the freedom to seek out opportunities to contribute to education and social justice. Although the UK forensic science market is tough, we have shown that it is possible to implement these policies and achieve sustainable growth.” Jo tells us more about what her businesses set out to achieve, and how she works to help others: “Millington Hingley and Spatter/ED are owned and managed by women, and we invest significantly in female expertise and talent. We proactively balance this by building relationships with a portfolio of partners who reflect our ethos and promote diversity. We take positive steps to ensure that anyone who wants to work with us, has an equitable opportunity to do so and we strive to promote safe and inclusive environments when delivering our training and education programmes. “I balance necessary fee-based work with social justice and widening participation projects including as an Advisory Panel member for the charity Inside Justice ( “I also promote awareness of forensic science through media projects including CBS’ Wrongly Accused, BBC’s Conviction series, and as a Forensic Science Advisor on Silent Witness, White House Farm, Des and a number of other true crime programmes. Bracken usually writes about these in her BPA Dog Blog! “Our main focus is to think strategically about the future of forensic science - how it is used in the criminal justice system and the likely needs for training and education. Also to forge new relationships with strategic partners. My goal is to ensure that Millington Hingley and Spatter/ED stay at the forefront of forensic science provision and deliver worldleading training that is relevant, responsible and accessible.” “Forensic science is built on the basic principle that every contact leaves a trace. My hope is that the trace I leave on forensic science is indelible.” Contact Details Contact: Jo Millington Company: Millington Hingley / Spattered Ltd Web Address: