Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 43 Below we delve into Aimee Ravichandran’s journey, notable accomplishments, and insights into the challenges and opportunities women face in the corporate environment face. As the founder of Abundantly Social, Aimee has transformed her venture into a one-stop destination for authors and publishers, providing comprehensive author services from pre-book production to marketing and public relations. Apr23608 n the dynamic world of digital and book marketing, Aimee Ravichandran stands out as a prominent figure, driving success and innovation in the industry. With a firm passion for supporting self-published authors and small presses, Aimee has achieved remarkable milestones and is now recognised as a leader in the writing industry. Abundantly Social, founded by Aimee in 2017, has grown exponentially, becoming a go-to resource for authors and publishers. Offering a wide range of services, from pre-book production to marketing and public relations, Abundantly Social ensures that authors receive the support they need at every stage of their publishing journey. Aimee’s dedication to the writing community led her to establish partnerships, including coownership of TopShelf Literary Magazine and ownership of Plum Creek Press, specialising in publishing historical fiction. Aimee’s journey in the industry began with a deep love for the writing community. Starting with just one client while working for a small PR firm, Aimee nurtured her business into one of the top players in the writing industry. Aimee’s labour of love has manifested in Abundantly Social becoming a trusted one-stop destination for authors seeking professional services. Reflecting on the changes she has witnessed within the industry, Aimee recognises the evolving landscape for women. While the industry has become more inclusive, Aimee acknowledges that women still face challenges when entering the corporate environment. As a young business leader, Aimee has encountered age-related hurdles, where some clients have needed help to trust her judgment and expertise. However, she remains steadfast in her pursuit, focusing on her passion and unwavering dedication to building a successful career. One of Aimee’s most cherished moments is celebrating with authors when their books achieve the prestigious #1 ranking on Amazon. Witnessing the culmination of an author’s hard work and dedication is an experience that fills Aimee with joy and a sense of accomplishment. These moments reinforce her belief in the power of storytelling and the immense value of supporting authors throughout their journey. As a woman in the corporate environment, Aimee has encountered challenges that have tested her resilience. Overcoming ageI Best Digital & Book Marketing Business Leader 2023 (USA): Aimee Ravichandran related biases and gaining clients’ trust has been an uphill battle. However, Aimee advises aspiring women to do what they love and balance professional commitments and personal well-being. Saying “no” at times and prioritising self-care are essential aspects of achieving long-term success. Aimee attributes her success to the passion she and her team exhibit in supporting authors, especially those who are selfpublished or from small presses. Their genuine care and dedication to their work have cultivated strong relationships within the industry. Trusting connections have become instrumental in elevating Abundantly Social’s reputation and positioning the company as a reliable resource for aspiring authors. Interestingly, Aimee and Abundantly Social actively support other women and individuals facing disadvantages in their pursuit of success. They sponsor events and are always willing to offer advice and guidance to those seeking it. Aimee’s belief in everyone’s potential to succeed drives her dedication to fostering a supportive community within the industry. Looking ahead, Abundantly Social is set to venture into traditional publishing by owning Plum Creek Press. This exciting new chapter in Aimee’s career marks a significant milestone for the company as they transition from assisting authors in self-publishing to becoming a publisher. Aimee’s dedication to helping authors realise their dreams remains at the core of Abundantly Social’s plans. Ultimately, as the founder of Abundantly Social, Aimee’s journey has been characterised by her unwavering dedication to supporting authors and publishers. Through her passion, expertise, and ability to empower others, Aimee has built a successful company that serves as a one-stop destination for author services. Her achievements and determination to support women in the corporate environment make her a respected leader in the industry. As Aimee and Abundantly Social embrace new ventures and continue to empower authors, the future holds exciting possibilities for the company and its clients. Contact Details Company: Abundantly Social Name: Aimee Ravichandran Email: Web Address: