Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 41 ydia Roscoe, the Beauty Retail Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 in Southern England, is the driving force behind A Beautiful Life. This online retail platform celebrates the best of British beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products. With a strong passion for the industry and a deep understanding of consumer needs, Lydia has successfully created a destination site where customers can discover and support independent British brands. As the founder of A Beautiful Life, Lydia’s role within the company is pivotal. With over two decades of experience in the cosmetics industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Her previous marketing, sales, and design roles have laid a solid foundation for her entrepreneurial journey. From working with industry giants such as L’Oréal, P&G, and Unilever to collaborating with emerging beauty brands, Lydia has honed her skills and developed a natural intuition for consumer and business-to-business projects. When asked about the changes she has witnessed in the industry, particularly regarding women, Lydia acknowledges that there is still progress in achieving gender equality. While the cosmetics industry has a higher representation of women in senior roles, Lydia recognises women’s challenges in seeking investment from larger investors. However, she is hopeful as she has recently met companies actively working to raise awareness and support female founders. Reflecting on her remarkable career, Lydia finds it challenging to pinpoint a single achievement. The journey has been a series of discoveries, personal growth, and confidence-building for her. However,launchingherbeautybusiness,ABeautifulLife,isasignificant milestone. It is a testament to her determination and passion for the industry. As a woman working in the corporate environment, Lydia has encountered challenges related to judgments based on appearance. Being 6ft 2” and blonde, she has faced stereotypes that suggest her physical appearance is incompatible with intelligence and knowledge. Despite these obstacles, L Lydia has overcome them by staying true to herself and embracing her uniqueness. She believes determination, ambition, and authenticity are essential attributes for success in the beauty industry. Passionate about supporting other women and those at a disadvantage, Lydia is involved in various initiatives. She is exploring the idea of bringing female founders together to share projects and teams, fostering collaboration and reducing costs for smaller brands. Additionally, Lydia participates in tutoring sessions at the University of Creative Arts, where she shares her insights and inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs. Looking ahead, Lydia envisions a bright future for A Beautiful Life. With increasing interest in investment, she aims to expand the business and recruit a small team to take it to the next level. Lydia has various creative ideas waiting to be implemented, such as developing video content, creating a panel of beauty testers to review new products, and curating educational contributors and content. A Beautiful Life stands out from other beauty retail sites by focusing solely on British brands. Lydia’s mission is to inform and educate UK beauty consumers about creativity and product development closer to home. By supporting independent British brands, customers experience high-quality beauty products and contribute to the local economy’s growth and the beauty industry’s entrepreneurial spirit. As a company, A Beautiful Life embraces its unique selling proposition by emphasising product quality over quantity discounts. Lydia aims to generate conversations and drive traffic to the site through an overarching campaign that promotes British brands to the UK population. While major retail locations may prioritise big brands and hefty discounts, A Beautiful Life aims to provide a curated shopping experience that supports local innovation and craftsmanship. Lydia Roscoe’s journey as a beauty retail entrepreneur is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and embracing individuality. She showcases the best of British beauty through her work, empowers women entrepreneurs, and supports the UK economy. As A Beautiful Life continues to flourish, Lydia’s vision will undoubtedly impact the beauty industry. Company: A Beautiful Life Name: Lydia Roscoe Email: Web Address: Lydia Roscoe has revolutionised the online retail space with A Beautiful Life, a platform dedicated to supporting British beauty brands. With a wealth of industry experience and a passion for empowering women, Lydia’s mission is to create a destination where customers can discover top-quality products while championing the UK economy and entrepreneurial spirit within the beauty industry. Sep22252 Beauty Retail Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 (Southern England): Lydia Roscoe Apr23643