Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 3 42 ZigiWave: Most Transformative Software CEO 2023 (Bulgaria): Maria Zasheva 43 Abundantly Social: Best Digital & Book Marketing Business Leader 2023 (USA): Aimee Ravichandran 44 CONCORDIA Agency s.r.o: Best International Recruitment & Business Development CEO 2023 (Central Europe): Linda Hnatova 45 Danica Payne Aesthetics & Dental: Female-Led Aesthetics Clinic of the Year 2023 - Southern England & Most Revitalising Skin Care Product 2023 - Danica Payne Collagen Sheet Mask 46 Ikonic Technology Ltd: Most Instrumental Insurance & Risk Management Business Leader 2023 (Australia): Emma Mekisic 47 Mercy Mission Global Ltd: Most Inspirational Organic Farm CEO 2023 (Kano): Samirah Faruk 48 1Life BV: Most Inspirational Empowerment Coach 2023 (Belgium): Yasmina Fadli 49 Roseway Labs: Most Innovative Pre-Packed & Compounded Medications Businesswoman 2023: Elizabeth Philp 50 deVere & Partners Switzerland SA: Most Influential Finance Businesswoman of the Year 2023 (Switzerland): Sara Hussain 51 CBE Companies, Inc: Call Center Outsourcing CEO of the Year 2023 (Iowa): Erica Parks 52 WeCare4®: Expert Caregivers’ Network CEO of the Year 2023 (Northeast USA): Carol Greco 53 Glen Mhor Hotel & Apartments: Most Influential Sustainable Tourism Business Leader 2023 (Scotland): Victoria Erasmus 54 Nicholson Hall Advisory Limited: Most Influential Business Advisor 2023 (London): Christine Nicholson 55 Arcade Media: Best Entertainment Administration Leader 2023 (London): Zoe Hill 56 Etavele Solutions: Female Non-Profit Consultant & Auctioneer of the Year 2023 (USA): Vallye Adams 57 MackmanES Consulting: Best Wellness Hospitality Visionary 2023 In the U.S: Mia Mackman 58 Everything Podcasts: Most Influential Podcast Production Company CEO 2023: Jennifer Smith 59 Dot Dash Digital: Best Social Media Coaching Director 2023 (London): Abigail Garland 60 Lune Group Oy Ltd – Lunette: Most Influential Menstrual Care Business Leader 2023 (Nordics): Heli Kurjanen 61 Lourdes Gant International: Most Influential Sustainable Aquaculture Businesswoman 2023 (Western Canada): Lourdes Gant 62 Pastel and Bloom: Best Cake Design Business Owner 2023 (Melbourne): Vanessa Gibilisco 63 Mues-Tec GmbH & Co. KG: Innovative Technology CEO of the Year 2023 (Germany): Viktoria Thur 64 The Marketing Centre: Most Dedicated Branding Expert (North West England): Julie Brook 65 The Conscious Leadership Company - TCLC: Most Innovative Leadership Development CEO 2023 (UK): Natasha Wallace 66 Flocus BV: Sustainability Innovator of the Year 2023 (Italy): Sara Cicognani 67 Deborah Udakis Consultancy Ltd: Most Instrumental Early Years Consulting Business Leader 2023 (West Midlands): Deborah Udakis 68 Millington Hingley / Spattered Ltd: Most Esteemed Forensic Educator 2023 (UK) 69 The Muff Liquor Company: Handcrafted Spirits Business Leader of the Year 2023 (Western Europe): Laura Bonner 70 Lynda White Real Estate: Best Real Estate Businesswoman 2023 (Victoria): Lynda White 71 Barefoot Recruitment: Most Dedicated Workplace Diversity Champion 2023 (Southern England): Sal Hurrell 72 Barrett Corp & Harrington Ltd: Insurance Marketing Specialist of the Year 2023 (UK): Zoe Davenport 73 LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG: Most Influential Vehicle Marketing Businesswomen 2023 (North Rhine- Westphalia): Nina Wesselmann 74 PSI Product Specialists: Most Influential Telecommunications Industry Products & Services CEO 2023 (Ohio): Lisa LaBanc 75 Neon Shed: Most Empowering Founder & Chief Courage Officer 2023 (Australia): Nicole Turnbull 76 Red Rose Care: Most Dedicated Director of Care 2023 (North West England): Michelle Richardson 77 Pro-Business Consulting Limited (PBC): Most Impactful MedTech Regulatory Consultancy Firm 2023 78 Opportunity Law: Best Enterprise SaaS Sales Attorney of the Year 2023 (California): Talia Walker 79 White’s IGA Iga Group: Most Influential Retail Group Owner 2023 (Australia): Roz White 80 Quantum Global Consultants: Most Impactful Technology & Business Consultancy MD 2023 (Southeast England): Nimisha Brahmbhatt 81 Cosawi: Business Transformation Consulting CEO of the Year 2023: Dominique Cote 82 SIA Intis Telecom: The Most Hard-Working Telecommunications Company CEO of 2023 in Latvia - Natalija Japerte! 83 FemFounder LLC: Creative Development Founder of the Year 2023 (USA): Kristin Marquet & Most Empowering Female Entrepreneur Support Platform 2023 - USA 84 Divaine Growth Solutions: Most Influential Clean Energy Businesswoman 2023 (Southern Africa): Yolanda Mabuto 85 Price & Ramey Inc: Most Influential Insurance Agency CEO 2023 (Tennessee): Linda Nichols CIC, AAI 86 West Michigan Structural Services, L.L.C: Best Structural Services Businesswoman 2023 (Midwest USA): Jennifer Dameron 87 L. Baddauy Advocacia: Most Inspiring Legal Leader 2023 (Brazil): Letícia Baddauy 88 Fusion Salon avalon: Cosmetology Business Owner of the Year 2023 (New Jersey): Crystal Praul