Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 27 Melissa strongly believes in doing everything she can to drive change and increase opportunities for women. “Throughout my career I have worked with various NPOs educating women at a disadvantage,” she explains. “I have offered extensive coaching for women seeking to improve their opportunities and whose life has been unjustly hard. I always end up feeling that I received more than I gave them: their grit is so encouraging it is hard not to be inspired by it.” As a Puerta Rican, Melissa believes that women should look out for one another. Based on this, she has developed a pilot program through which she re-introduces women to the workforce after long periods of inactivity. Many women put their careers on hold to take care of children or parents, then later want to rejoin the workforce but don’t know where to start. Melissa uses her experience in recruiting to identify their talent and give them the opportunity to work again. So far, this programme has been a success and she is currently working to implement it in other companies across other industries. With regards to the future, Melissa intends to continue these efforts to help other women succeed in the corporate world. “I will continue to support women and empower them to achieve objectives through my coaching. I am passionate about education and will continue to attend conferences to support and empower people both abroad and locally. I believe in the power of coaching and am working towards implementing more coaching programs for the less advantaged,” she shares. As a result of her pioneering work in the field of HR, Melissa Concepción has been awarded Most Influential HR Businesswoman, Latin America, in the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023. We congratulate her on this tremendous achievement and look forward to seeing what she will go on to accomplish in the coming years. Having recently commenced operations in Colombia, SOS Trabajo’s next goal is to expand into more Latin American countries. As well as this, the company plans to establish permanent operations in Mexico, which will be a key milestone in its business development plan. Contact Details Contact: Melissa Concepción Company: SOS Trabajo By Smart Option Search, Inc. Web Address: