Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022 9 Most Influential Businesswoman in Software Sales 2022: Teresa Baglietto to see. This is the first global initiative for women in process mining. The community has grown overnight with 100’s of women joining. As for myself, I’ve been mentoring younger female professionals, to join the tech industry. In her current position, Teresa takes on a great amount of responsibility, working in a role that has evolved greatly since the foundation years of her career. Furthermore, Teresa is incredibly passionate about her work – comparing her approach to that of a doctor. Doctors actively listen, locate sources of pain, and create a plan to resolve the issue. Translating this method into sales, Teresa has become an expert in truly understanding clients and providing solutions that fit the brief. Whilst Teresa has had an exceptional career, she has also faced an abundance of challenges, not only in her professional life, but also in her personal life. ‘Achievements don’t happen without having to overcome hurdles,’ Teresa testifies, ‘it’s what makes us stronger and more resilient. I’ve had my share of hurdles during my career, most being the result of life-threatening diseases. Over a 5-year span, I was diagnosed and treated for cancer four times and learned I had a brain aneurysm, all while trying to maintain my career and raise three boys. I had a choice; I could curl up in a ball and cry in a corner or I could take charge of this.’ Teresa chose to tackle her diagnosis. Fortunately, she overcame these battles and came out the other side. She attributes her recent success to the way she fought through these turbulent times and is in the process of bestowing this process unto others. ‘I did a lot of journaling and blogging during my life-threatening diseases. It was extremely therapeutic for me,’ Teresa clarifies. ‘I’ve brought together my story and have written a book. It’s a slow growing project that requires further editing and revisions. The book is about what it takes to adapt and overcome life’s curve balls. It’s a real-life example of the importance of being your own advocate, why you should listen to your gut and more importantly, how persistence pays off.’ This is one of many projects and plans that Teresa has for the future. Much of her ambition is anchored in the development of Celonis, whom she is deeply committed to transforming the financial services segment with a game-changing platform for process improvement. She concludes, ‘if you want to succeed at anything, intentionally find and work with good people. Ask for help and seek experienced insights early and often. Seek a role model. observe and listen to what the top performers and leaders are doing. Adopt some of their best practices and make them your own; look at the materials they create, the messaging they use, what strategies they’ve employed and how they articulate the value. Contact: Teresa Baglietto Company: Celonis Web Address: