Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022 7 Most Innovative Virtual Learning Businesswoman 2022: Christine Janssen, PhD people, including our strategic partner, The Glimpse Group, which is a cutting edge XR development company in NYC.” In a little over two years, Edstutia has grown into a force to be reckoned with, and the evolution of the metaverse and immersive tech are only going to drive these developments even further. This technology is constantly changing, shifting to incorporate increased functionality and improved capabilities. The impact on the platform as a whole will be incredible, with new features and venues added regularly and the opportunity to educate more people through instructors who understand how to integrate and leverage immersive technology for meaningful and impactful learning experiences. What’s next for Dr. Janssen and her team? For one, they are officially launching their Instructor Certification program in Immersive Technologies (the first of its kind) in September 2022. They are on track to launch their first full-time B2C program in January 2023, and they continue to forge partnerships with new corporate clients eager to embrace the metaverse. In addition, Christine has begun exploring the possibilities offered by NFTs and utility wallets. Her team is developing ways of enabling learners on the Edstutia campus to earn and spend virtual currency at interactive venues such as the campus store, Ed’s Café (the platform’s virtual café), and other exclusive experiences and venues that can only be unlocked with NFTs. Adopting cutting edge technologies and incorporating them on the Edstutia platform to optimise an immersive learning experience clearly demonstrates how the Edstutia team operates as true innovators. Many of the tools and functionality on the Edstutia platform are proprietary and therefore not available with competitor solutions. This will come as no surprise to those with an interest in the business - Dr. Janssen is hungry to knock out a lot of “firsts” in the worlds of education, learning and the metaverse. For Christine, it’s clear that Edstutia is the culmination of all of the aspects of her career. Her passion for entrepreneurship, her background in education, her desire to push the boundaries of what technology can do – all of these play a crucial role in the success of the business. “I feel like everything I’ve done in my professional life so far has prepared me for this new venture,” she admits. “I know that education is the golden door to opportunity and upward mobility no matter where someone is in their career or life stage. My goal is to provide the resources and pathway to connect skilled talent with employers or help current employees increase their skills, contributions and value. Honestly, I love what I’m doing and anticipate spending at least the next 10 years building this business until we’ve made a real difference!” Edstutia is a testament to Dr. Janssen’s ambition and determination to succeed, addressing real issues in education. She has created a business that is disruptive, a culture which is highly inclusive, and an approach to education that is squarely focused on improving the skills gap. Her success with Edstutia to date is clearly just the beginning, however. Technology is evolving at warp speed, and Christine is well positioned to evolve with it! Name: Christine Janssen, PhD Email: Web Address: