Influential Businesswoman Awards 2018

Acquisition International - 2018 Influential Businesswoman Awards 9 When it comes to selecting a career in business, having a strong knowledge of the service or product that is being sold or delivered is necessary because there is so much more to learn in business and many more obstacles or barriers that are encountered along the road to building success, that will occupy your time. Gail’s strength in healthcare as a nurse, aeromedical care graduate and in aviation as a pilot, flight safety provided the knowledge and experience base to build a business in the medical flight field. Entering into the “private business” of healthcare can be a daunting process that is complicated when the healthcare system is publicly funded. Combined with the field of aviation and medical transport that was predominately a male environment until recently, the challenges are enormous. As a woman working globally in this field, Gail recommends joining an international, recognized, women in business organization for support and networking. Accessing financing for growth is necessary so you need to carefully select an appropriate financial institution that supports “Women in Business” . Additionally, acquiring the appropriate business certifications and networking brings further credibility and important connections to expand your business and make better choices. Contracting out some essential services allows small business to have business expertise readily available at a fraction of the cost while maintaining internal quality for staff and clients. Ultimately, while not everyone would find providing medical care in the air environment a suitable occupation given the physical and emotional demands, the success of each medical flight is extremely rewarding for Gail and her team. Every assignment has its own story and is special. It is the commitment and dedication to caring for others that has brought great personal satisfaction for Gail, and moving forward she will be working to build upon this and support even more clients. Angels of Flight Canada Inc