AI Hedge Awards 2017

50 Acquisition International - Hedge Fund Awards 2017 Celvum Capital Best Fund for Wealth Accumulation Investing & Most Innovative Hedge Fund Investor of the Year 2017 CelvumCapital Company: Celvum Capital Name: Ron Keith Email: Web: Address: 301 Battery Street, Suite 200, San Francisco CA, 94111 Phone: (408) 209-6955 HF170014 Celvum Capital was founded in late 2015 specifically to launch a new type of algorithmic hedge fund. We invited Ron Keith to talk us through how the firm’s fund and its innovative new approach are changing the face of the hedge fund market for the better. Celvum Capital’s hedge fund product, the Celvum Capital Fund, is based on more than seven years of research and development and represents a unique offering in the hedge fund industry, as Ron is keen to emphasize. “The Celvum Capital Fund is a truly unique product in the Hedge Fund Industry. We know of no other product that couples a foundation of deep, fundamentals based algorithmic stock picking with an overlay of algorithmic technical analysis to modulate fund exposure. Our flagship product is specifically designed for investor seeking wealth accumulation that exhibit a specific risk tolerance. “The fund maintains a total portfolio (longs plus shorts) of more than 700 equities that are chosen by FARE™, our proprietary Fundamental Analysis Ranking Engine. The FARE™ system evaluates more than 3200 stocks monthly and selects the funds baseline portfolio based on complex algorithmic analysis of nearly 50 (and growing) fundamental criteria that have been historically validated for their efficacy in predicting forward stock price appreciation (or depreciation in the case of our shorts).” Although the fund always maintains a very diversified basket of longs and shorts, the weighting of longs to shorts is regularly adjusted algorithmically based on deep statistical analysis of numerous technical indicators historically validated for their ability to indicate shifts in market behavior. Our investors, who are comprised primarily of high net worth individuals and family offices, seek the best, risk adjusted returns available. In the Hedge fund industry, the best way to meet the needs of clients is by understanding those needs and making sure that clients are invested in a product that is well aligned with those needs. Celvum Capital is very selective about its clients’, and is not afraid to turn away investors if their goals would be better served by another product or another firm. Ultimately the firm’s algorithmic approach has been a success thus far, considerably outperforming the S&P 500 and the Credit Suisse Long/Short Equity Hedge Fud Index in its inaugural year. The firm is keen to expand its portfolio of products utilizing its core proprietary technology as Ron explains. “We are in the process of developing several new funds to help us appeal to a wider range of investors. We are excited about the opportunities this will bring and look forward to supporting a wider range of clients going forward.” Certeza Asset Management (Macro Vega) Best Volatility Futures Fund (5 Years): Certeza Asset Management (Macro Vega) Certeza Asset Management Company: Certeza Asset Management Email: Web: Address: 1047 South 100 West, Logan, Utah 84321 USA Phone: 435-760-0923 HF170058 Certeza Asset Management is an investment firm founded on the back of Founder Brett Nelson pioneering creation, the Macro Vega programme. We invited Brett to talk us through how the firm has evolved into a dynamic and dedicated investment firm with a commitment to creating strong ROI for investors. Established in 2011, Certeza was founded on the basis of Brett Nelson’s specific familiarity with VIX derivatives. Following a significant increase in VIX market volume, and after a very successful live test phase from July 2010 to Dec 2011, the firm’s flagship Macro Vega program was offered in separately managed accounts to investors in January 2012. Macro Vega is a systematic relative value statistical arbitrage program utilizing exchange listed volatility futures. It is designed to provide investors with exceptional risk adjusted returns, low drawdowns, and virtually zero correlation to any known benchmark or asset class. Brett discusses the programme in more detail and how it shapes the firm’s investment product offering. “Certeza offers two futures managed account programs and a recently launched commodity pool. Our primary niche is in volatility arbitrage, and we are most recognized as specializing in VIX futures and options. Additionally, the Macro Vega program is deliberately traded at a very conservative level with moderate return objectives and very low drawdowns, and is designed to be levered to match the risk profile of the individual investor. This has allowed us to tailor the program to meet the needs of the individual.” The firm’s initial client base was comprised primarily of high net worth individuals and quickly grew to include family offices and fund-of -funds. With the dramatic growth in popularity of the VIX index, and the fact that Certeza is one of few with nearly seven years of consistently profitable live trading history in the VIX market, the company is now receiving increased interest from various institutions, endowments, fund-of-funds, and investment advisors. In order to cater for the varied needs of these new investors Brett outlines the firm’s enhanced service offering which will help it to continue to provide the very best solutions to meet their requirements. “Due to significant interest in our VIX products from a wide variety of investors, Certeza has just created a new pooled fund offering that combines all the best that we have to offer. This product has been in development for quite some time, and is specifically designed to enhance the best qualities of our existing products while reducing or eliminating several of the limitations. The new fund benefits from advantages in trade selection and execution, more efficient capital utilization, and dramatically increased scalability and we are very excited about this new offering.”