AI Hedge Awards 2017

Acquisition International - Hedge Fund Awards 2017 37 Herculis Partners Looking to the future, Nikolay discusses the firm’s move into physical banking as it offers clients the option to rent the equivalent of a safety deposit box for their valuables. “Herculis Partners has finished the reconstruction of Herculis House, our dedicated bank, and opened its own safe vaults with duty-free status in order to keep in custody clients’ precious stones, wine and art of works on low profile basis. Also, a client can save 8% on custom duty tax payment by placing physical assets under duty-free regime, keeping their assets and goods under this regime for as long as they need to. The strong custody measures we have created meet security and resistance level comparable to a top banking vault, offering clients the security they need. This is a new venture for us and we are excited about the opportunities it will afford us. “Alongside this, the firm is also keen to expand geographically and support clients in new regions. Currently Herculis Partners SA has three offices in Switzerland: Porrentruy, Geneva and Zurich. Our ongoing strategy involves obtaining a strong presence in Dubai over the coming years, with a focus on investment and business opportunities not only in GCC region but also on the African continent, where we can see a big potential for private equity investments.”