AI Hedge Awards 2017

Contents 6. Tmesis Group has won Most Innovative Hedge Fund Manager - East Asia & Best Hedge Fund 2017 (AUM Under 5 Million): Tmesis Capital Management Fund 10. Adar Capital Partners Ltd has won Best Latin America Emerging Markets Fund (3 Years): Adar Macro Fund Ltd. 12. Cohanzick Management has won Best Speciality Credit-Focused Investment Adviser - North America 14. Runestone Capital has won Best Quantitative Long/Short Absolute Return Fund: Runestone Capital Fund 16. Tom Capital AG has won Best New Multi-Strategy Fund: Tom Capital Growth Fund 18. Apple Tree Capital has won Best Independent Asset Management Advisor - Cayman Islands & Best Global Emerging Markets Fund (3 Years): Violet Emerging Markets Fund 20. BAF Capital AG has won Best Independent Asset Manager 2017 - Latin America & Award for Excellence in Corporate Finance Advisory - Latin America 22. Barington Capital Group, L.P. has won Best Long-Term Activist Investor – USA & Best US Equities Value-Orientated Hedge Fund (5 Years) 23. Brio Capital Management has won Best USA Focused Event Driven Small Cap Fund (Since Inception): Brio Capital LP 24. Carlisle Management Company has won Best Global Investment Management Firm & Best Long Term Growth Fund (1 Year): Carlisle Luxembourg Life 25. Churchill & Associates has won Best Asset Management Firm 2017 - Georgia 26. CoreCommodity Management has won Best for Pension Investment Management Services 2017 - Connecticut 28. EastBay Capital has won New Best Global Long/Short Equity Fund Manager - New York 29. Forefront Capital has won Best Integrated Investment Management Platform - New York & Best Fixed Income Credit Fund (1 Year): Forefront Income Trust 30. Fort Sheridan Advisors has won Best Managed Accounts Investment Boutique - USA 31. GAIA Capital Management Ltd has won Best New Systematic FX Program: GAIA Capital Management Ltd (GAIA FX+) 32. Geluk Global Gold Fund has won Best New Global Gold Fund: Geluk Global Gold Fund (Class C) 33. Grand Alliance Asset Management has won Award for Innovation in Market Neutral Hedge Strategies: Sino Vision - Greater China Market Neutral Fund 34. haysmacintyre has won Best Hedge Fund Manager Audit and Accountancy Firm 2017 – UK & Recognised Leaders in Tax Advisory Services – UK 36. Herculis Partners has won Best Swiss Alternative Investment Boutique & Best New Mixed Assets Fund: HERCULIS Partners Gemini Fund - Gemini II 38. Laureola Advisors, Inc. has won Best Life Settlements Fund Manager 2017 & Best US Fixed Income Fund (Since Inception): Laureola Investment Fund 39. Pluscios Catalyst Fund has won Best Distressed Securities / Event Driven FoF (10 Years): Pluscios Catalyst Fund 40. LLB Asset Management has won Best Portfolio Manager - Liechtenstein & Best Alternative UCITS Fund: LLB Alternative Strategy Global Fund 42. Origo Capital has won Best Mid Cap Investment Firm - Nordic Region & Best L/S Equity Hedge Fund (3 Years): Origo Quest 1 44. SRB Capital Management 45. Stats Investment Management has won Best Hedge Fund Boutique - Japan & Best Specialist Japanese Equity Fund (Since Inception): Ginga Service Sector Fund 46. Sterling Financial Group Inc. has won Best Fund Manager 2016 - The Bahamas & Best Mortgage-Backed Fixed Income Fund (5 Years): Sterling Mortgage Income Fund Class A