Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 99 ~ Recognised Leader in Risk Management and Operations - Asia Pacific QRMO is an award winning specialist in providing independent risk management, middle office operations, shadow NAV and regulatory reporting for the alternative investment industry. Its clients include hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, asset management companies, securities brokerage firms and proprietary trading desks. QRMO provides its clients the flexibility to outsource all or some of their services, thus allowing them to achieve higher levels of operational alpha. Independent risk monitoring & reporting In a continuously evolving financial market, having a proper and independent risk management function is essential for any financial institution and hedge fund. Although fund managers are performing their own risk analysis for making trading decisions, investors are beginning to realize the importance of independent risk monitoring after numerous high-profile cases of fund collapses. QRMO provides seamless risk management information and reports fund managers require to effectively understand, monitor and control risk levels in their strategies. Their experienced risk management profession- als communicate with clients on a regular basis and possess thorough knowledge of each fund’s securities and strategies, which enable the risk managers to create customized solutions, while treating each client consistently across all market environments. Shadow NAV and Middle Office QRMO is a pioneer in the shadow NAV area and they are one of the first companies to provide such a service in the industry. QRMO not only allows clients the ability to view their indicative NAV on a daily basis, but also verifies against their administrators’ monthly official NAV through our NAV reconciliation process. This gives clients a great deal of comfort and a peace of mind in releasing the NAV report to their investors. QRMO’s middle office services are independent and transparent, thus providing its clients’ investors with an added degree of confidence in knowing that the risks and operations associated with their invested capital are properly understood and expertly handled both internally by the fund managers and externally by QRMO on a day-to-day basis. In essence, QRMO risk professionals and operations personnel become a highly integrated part of their clients’ daily workflows, which, in turn, greatly enhances operational efficiencies, allows for rapid scalability, reduces costs and enables clients to focus more on what they do best – generating maximum returns for their shareholders. Regulatory Reporting With the ever-increasing reporting requirements from the regulators around the world, it is imperative for hedge funds to find a cost effective solution to satisfy such a need. QRMO has built in many of the current global regulatory reporting requirements into its infrastructure, and have also been working with industry participants in standardizing risk exposure reporting across many different asset classes. As such, QRMO is not merely an aggregator of financial data, but can provide its expertise as risk managers to its clients in understanding the risk profile of their portfolios when preparing for their regulatory reports. Company: QRMO Name: Albert Chiu - President Email: albert.chiu@qrmo.com Web Address: www.qrmo.com Address: 26/F, Tai Yip Building, 141 Thomson Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Telephone: 852 2217 7644

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