Hedge Fund Awards 2016

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/hedge-fund-awards 96 ~ Recognised Leader in Managed Futures Quantitative Strategies & Best Quantitative Managed Futures Strategy 2016 PEAQ Capital is a systematic, algorithm driven fund management firm aimed at institutional investors. We spoke to Frank Casey, Managing Partner, who talked us through the firm and its approach to investing. Established in 2013, PEAQ Capital specialise in the quantitative, systematic management of liquid alternative investments. As a company we are very institutionally structured, and as such we have two strategies: Pinna- cle, our divergent strategy; and a convergent strategy called Counter Trends. Simply put a divergent strategy is mean fleeing, whilst a convergent strategy is mean seeking. Therefore Pinnacle seeks to move away from the normal state of the market and is focused on higher degrees of volatility and instability in the market. This strategy operates across 49 different markets across six different sectors, all of which are traded on foreign markets. Counter Trends, on the other hand, is a strategy that looks to regress to the norm, by tracking trends using market breakdowns. This strategy trades in upwards of 35 markets across six sectors, with a trade being held for an average three days. The account sizes for both of these strategies is very large, with Counter Trends requiring upwards of $5mn accounts. As such our approach is aimed towards institutional pensions and very large family offices. In order to provide the best quality services to these clients the firm has invested 10 years and $2mn develop- ing unique proprietary algorithm so that our firm is fully automated in its trade discovery. Risk management is a vitally important aspect of our work and we seek never to lose more than 10% in either of our portfolios. Our two strategies do not correlate, and we define risk as a peak to trough decline in capital, not volatility. Ultimately we aim to produce returns of two to three times what we risk. Looking to the future we are keen to fully capitalise on our investment in our algorithms and are keen to use these in new markets, such as equities or exchange traded fund markets. At some point in 2016 we are going to become not just commodity trading advisors but a large, multi-strategy hedge fund trading manager. Company: PEAQ Capital Strategies, LLC Phone: 617-307-4550 Email: peterh@peaqcapital.com Address: 10 Liberty Square 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02109 Website: http://peaqcapital.com/ PEAQ Capital Strategies, LLC

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