Hedge Fund Awards 2016

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/hedge-fund-awards 92 ~ Recognised Leader in Multi-Manager Hedge Fund Programs & Best International Equity Fund (3 Years): Optima Partners Focus Fund Optima Fund Management is a private, independent asset management firm founded by D. Dixon Boardman in 1988, dedicated to alternative investments. Today, the firm consists of a sophisticated team of professionals with expertise in all aspects of designing, structuring, and managing effective hedge fund programs. We met recently with members of the Optima team to understand the process behind the firm’s award winning ways. The Optima Partners Focus Fund consists of a select group of hedge fund managers investing in their highest conviction names or “best ideas.” The initial idea was in part inspired by Warren Buffet who said: “Diversification may preserve wealth, but concentration builds wealth. If you are a know something investor, able to understand business economics and to find five to ten sensibly priced companies that possess important long-term competi- tive advantages, conventional diversification (broadly based active portfolios) makes no sense to you. Diversifica- tion is a protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense for those who know what they’re doing.” However, Optima’s own research at the hedge fund manager level supported the “focused” investing concept. With the Optima Partners Focus Fund, we accept a little more volatility at the manager level, to achieve a greater absolute return and higher return per unit of risk than a typical, more diversified fund of funds. We have implemented a risk management due diligence process by focusing on transparency, liquidity, volatil- ity and correlations. We also believe that taking prudent and warranted risk when the outcome is in our favour is an essential element for superior performance. While the majority of the underlying managers follow long/short equity-oriented strategies, their individual styles vary. Global exposure can be significant and includes investments in developed and emerging markets. Styles range across: value, growth, opportunistic and event driven/activist investing. Optima’s philosophy is based on a devotion to investing with the “best and the brightest” and striving to maintain superior quality in its people, programs, processes and organization. We maintain the highest quality standards in approaching all areas of business from hiring of professionals, proprietary technology, selection of investment managers, risk management and operating controls, to name a few. Optima’s multi-manager programs seek downside protection, low correlation to equity and fixed income markets, and attractive risk-adjusted returns. Additionally we respond to specific mandates and customise portfolios to meet investor goals and guidelines. Optima’s client base is approx. 70% institutional and 30% high net worth and includes approximately 1100 clients across more than 20 countries. Our diverse client base has a wide range of needs and Optima’s highly experienced team has developed solutions for them to effectively navigate complex and ever-changing financial markets. Believing in a team approach with daily interaction between professionals at all levels, our organizational struc- ture includes two co-CIOs and fosters a collegial environment which encourages collaboration. Looking to the future, Optima is about to launch a new UCITS fund which is based on the success of our “high conviction” investing concept. Company: Optima Fund Management Web address: www.optima.com Optima Fund Management

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