Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 91 ~ Best Niche Hedge Fund Consultancy 2016 Oesa Partners are a bespoke niche consultancy who provide legal and regulatory advice and support to alternative asset managers and their funds. We spoke to them to find out more about their company and what makes their ser- vices unique. Our firm specialises in all trading documentation required to establish the fund’s relationships with their prime brokers, banks, dealers and brokers. We have a very hands on approach, and operate more like an in-house counsel as opposed to external advisers. When it comes to working with our clients, our approach is to be flexible and responsive to their needs. Furthermore, we provide a service where we add some real value to our clients’ business, rather than being focused on how working with them will benefits our business. As a company that works in a highly competitive industry, we are constantly striving to keep abreast of any changes in our industry. In order to achieve this, we research and review the proposed amendments or new regulations and best business practices prior to their implementation. This ensures that we understand them and any changes required to the trading documentation can be successfully built into the negotiations to future proof them. During this time, we work closely with the various bank counterparties to develop new templates, and once the changes go live, we can implement immediately for our clients. Perhaps our most distinguishing factor is that we pride ourselves on being commercial and pragmatic in our approach to the work we undertake. We look for solutions not problems and deliver value add to all of our clients. We tailor our services to our clients’ business model, and this allows us to mitigate inherent legal risks in the processes and the documentation that we negotiate. We have a strong presence and reputation in the industry, so we have found that word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool and most of our clients come to us as recommendations. Furthermore, we strive for transparent and open fees charged for work done in our industry, as opposed to having billable hours in artificial increments of time on a pyramid basis. Unlike other firms, we ensure that there are no unexpected surprises at the end of the work with huge overruns on the quotes originally provided. Looking ahead, we expect there to be more regulation coming into force especially with the clearing obliga- tions for OTC cleared products in Europe next summer. Therefore, we will gear up to ensure our clients are ready to meet this obligations in good order. As for the award, we are delighted to be acknowledged for our success for the second year in a row. Fur- thermore, it is truly an honour to have the opportunity to represent our views and spread the word about our company. Company: Oesa Partners Name: Kate Wormald Email: kate.wormald@oesa.co.uk Web Address: www.oesa.co.uk Address: 23 Hanover Square London Oesa Limited

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