Hedge Fund Awards 2016

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/hedge-fund-awards 84 ~ Best for Integrated Investment Fund Services - Luxembourg & Best UCITS Platform 2016 - Luxembourg Luxembourg Fund Partners S.A. is an independent management company headquartered in Luxembourg created by two entrepreneurs M. Luc LELEUX and his old time friend and business partner M. Julien RENAUX. M. Luc LELEUX took time away from the firm to share with us his insights into the legal industry where his firm is most prolific. Unlike many other management companies in Europe, Luxembourg Fund Partners S.A. has a dedicated portfolio management team composed of seasoned professional serving both third party funds and proprietary ones. The company is what lawyers call a: Super ManCo, holding both UCITS and AIFM licenses. The clients of the company are banks, investment managers, UHNWI, insurance companies, private equity firms and major real estate players, to name a few. The founders and main shareholders actively manage the company, being the company’s executive directors which is unusual in this industry. The company has always been at the forefront of the ever increasing rules of corporate governance and have truly demonstrated that risk mitigation is in its DNA. If you couple these qualities with a thorough portfolio management process and a proven ‘best execution practice’, we ensure that the creation of returns for the in- vestors in its funds remains the prime concern for the company; not to mention that the ongoing due diligence processes, after having selected an external provider, plays an important role as well. When selecting investments for its funds, the company ensures that the pre-compliance checks performed are met both from a quality perspective, in terms of potential for revenue generation, and from an investment compliance limits as well. The company pays particular attention to the costs impacting the performance of targeted investments and the quality of their directors and services providers as relevant. Luxembourg Fund Partners S.A. has the luxury to work with leading investment specialists from the hedge fund industry with decades of experience and massive networks. The main values of the company are based around four pillars which represent its foundations: 1. Always work with best in class service providers ; 2. Ongoing tight controls of inherent running costs at every level ; 3. Always keep the entrepreneurial spirit ; 4. Never to forget that the client is first, his satisfaction is the most important driver to its business. When the company looks to recruit additional staff, it ensures that they adhere to or meet these criteria. The same holds true when choosing a new strategy proposed by a client. Luxembourg Fund Partners S.A. has been rapidly growing since its incorporation in late 2009. Whilst 2015 has been a very good year, we consider it as a transitional year going from a start-up concept to a well-established brand with an international recognition. In the months to come, we will establish a direct presence in few carefully selected countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America and at a later stage in a major Asian city. From a European perspective, we shall aggressively participate in the consolidation race either by acquisi- tion(s) or by attacking the book of business of our peer group. “In few years, I want the people in the financial industry to refer to Luxembourg Fund partners S.A. as the company that set a new paradigm, placing the end client in the centre of its preoccupation. Perhaps this is already the disturbing rumour for our peers!” said Luc Leleux. Name: Luc LELEUX – Founder, shareholder and Executive Director Email: luc.leleux@lfpartners.lu Web Address: www.lfpartners.lu Address: 2, boulevard de la Foire, L-1528 Luxembourg, Grand-duchy of Luxembourg Telephone: +352 27 02 97 20 or +352 691 362 315

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