Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 83 Our team is composed of highly qualified investment professionals with complementary expertise (investment banking, trading, private equity) stemming from the biggest financial institutions, targeting our primary of generating absolute returns. Prior to founding Lutetia Capital, Fabrice Seiman was member of the Investment Group at PAI Partners, the largest LBO firm in Continental Europe, where he took part in several major transactions. Mr Seiman was pre- viously the Diplomatic Adviser to the Finance Minister of France, where he was a spokesperson for the French government. In this capacity, he was in charge of advising the Minister on economic and international affairs, in relationship with the French Presidency. As for the firm’s other founder, Jean-François Comte was a Vice President of Lazard in New York, where he specialised in mergers and acquisitions. Throughout his career at Lazard, Mr. Comte advised leading corpora- tions and financial investors in over 25 major transactions totaling more than $50 billion in value. At the very centre of our activity, we focus both on fundamental and applied research. This work allows us to implement unique risk management tools in our investment fields. The firm’s management team and invest- ment professionals are the primary investors in our managed and recommended products. This entrepreneur- ial culture is what informs our long-term investment approach and constant focus on capital preservation. Furthermore, Lutetia Capital is highly focused on selecting the most reliable partners to complement our operations. We have implemented a custodial partnership with BNP-Paribas and an auditing partnership with Deloitte. Our internal controls are subject to the highest quality standards and are compliant with AMF regulations. Through its international network and open-ended platform, Lutetia Capital has direct access to some of the best funds and to some of the more efficient portfolio managers on the main international financial centre. Our allocation process is realised independently, and is done according to very precise criteria with a rigorous method. Our investment approach is driven by fundamental analysis and the principles of value investing. Regardless the investment strategy, we remain committed to buying “at the right price”, based on intrinsic value and prevailing market conditions. In order to achieve these results, we are highly focused on investment cycles and are not afraid to take a con- trarian approach. Understanding investment cycles guides our fundamental approach, and plays a fundamen- tal role in our decisions regarding asset allocation, sector allocation, and the choice of individual securities. With this in mind, we are highly reactive to our own investment views and do not hesitate to seize market opportunities. Our priority is to find the best risk/reward opportunities for a given investment objective. This is the reason why we focus on absolute return strategies. We have two fundamental priorities: capital preservation and optimizing risk/reward. We want to avoid short-term fluctuations in order to maintain our performances over a long period of time. As such, we do not hesitate to be directly involved as an active investor. Our team capitalises on our expertise and know-how, investing only where we believe we have a competitive advantage. In an increasingly complex environment, we believe in specialisation. We focus on specific abso- lute return strategies for which we have a competitive advantage. We also firmly believe in the complementarity of quantitative and qualitative analysis. We want to permanently improve our investment processes and our risk management based on our research and the development of new asset management methods. In terms of our clients, we work with a number of high net individuals, families, Family offices, and founda- tions to help preserve and build capital over time. We listen carefully and regularly to our clients in order to best understand their unique situations, needs, and expectations. We also monitor investments over time to keep asset allocations consistent with our clients’ objectives at all times. Company: Lutetia Capital Web: www.lutetiacapital.com Address: 53 Davies Street WIK5JH LONDON Phone: 00 44 (0)203 445 0957

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