Hedge Fund Awards 2016

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/hedge-fund-awards 80 ~ Most Innovative Multi-Manager Fund 2016 & Recognised Leaders in Bespoke Composites - USA Little Harbor Advisors is an investment advisor, registered with the SEC, exclusively focused on alternative investment funds. We speak to Moses Grader from the firm who provides us with a unique overview of this dynamic investment firm and their flagship investment product. Little Harbor Advisors selects and works with independent managers who have track records usually in excess of ten years to construct innovative investment vehicles we call “Composites.” These composites can be constructed for the private institutional market or for the registered ‘40 Act fund market, so we work principally with institutional investors, other eligible investors, and RIAs that are seeking hedge fund solutions for their clients. The officers of our firm have extensive investment management experi- ence, with an average of 26 years in the industry, and founded Little Harbor to focus on composite investing. Our flagship product, our registered composite fund, pursues its investment objective through sub-advisory agreements with a select group of global hedge fund managers in hedged equity, global trading, and dis- tressed strategies. Rather than rotating hedge fund styles or changing manager allocations based on market timing, the composite fund allocates to a fixed set of underlying managers whose independent strategies are expected to deliver a multi-strategy investment thesis that seeks to provide a strong performance in a wide range of potential market conditions. The composite fund systematically re-balances allocations among its un- derlying managers, forming a consistent diversification framework that seeks to provide performance stability in periods of economic uncertainty and stock market volatility. By combining the discrete disciplined mid-sized managers into a single diversified Composite investment, investors may enjoy the benefits of strong performance and clear diversification, combined with transparency of underlying holdings, mature operations, sophisticated risk management at both the underlying manager and Little Harbor levels, and efficient management and incentive fee structures. Going forward, we have some exciting plans for the fund and the firm. We intend to develop a series of the- matic composite funds and bespoke solutions, each offering a dedicated investment and diversification theme that allows investors to position the composite clearly within their firm and client portfolio frameworks. Company: Little Harbor Advisors, LLC Name: M. C. Moses Grader Title: Managing Principal, COO and Co-Portfolio Manager Email: mgrader@littleharboradvisors.com Web Address: www.littleharboradvisors.com Address: 30 Doaks Lane, Marblhead, MA 01945 Telephone: (781) 639-3000 Little Harbor Advisors

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