Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 75 ~ Best Long/Short Emerging Markets Fund: JABCAP EMEA Master Fund Limited An Alternative Investment Advisor based in Geneva, established by Philippe Jabre in 2007, Jabre Capital Partners in- vests globally across a broad range of liquid equity related products with a diversified client base extending from fami- ly offices through to sovereign wealth funds. Mark Cecil from the firm made himself available to us to tell us about the firms work and what winning this award means to the firm. The JABCAP EMEA Fund is an emerging market fund with a focus on the EMEA region. The investment ob- jective of the JABCAP EMEA Fund (the “Fund”) is to target capital appreciation with an absolute return focus through a top-down investment approach. The Portfolio Manager’s macro view will determine the strategy’s asset allocation and both long and short investments may be made across asset classes, although mainly in equity and debt securities. In addition, the Fund may also use futures and options as well as FX. We manage risk by focussing on liquidity, active asset management and using cash as an asset class. We optimise returns by taking a non-benchmarked absolute return approach and investing opportunistically with a clear entrance and exit strategy. JABCAP has a large infrastructure that ensures we are able to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Market, Risk, Legal and Regulatory environment. It also ensures that our managers can focus on the investment side of the business. Our key differentiation from other businesses within this competitive industry will always be based around strong out-performance against both that of the underlying markets and our competition. Our belief is that experience is key to building up a strong team. There is no shortage of smart motivated people; however, finding people with a deep understanding of our markets is more difficult. We have been fortunate to have built up such a strong team. Although our clients choose us and not the other way round, we do spend as much time getting to know them as we do when screening potential employees. When engaging with a new client we spend a great deal of time ensuring that they understand the nature of the markets in which we invest and the return profile they should expect based on our joint work. We are excited about the medium term prospects for our firm and fund. At the firm level, investors have been too focussed on low volatility low return strategies and are now realising that they are not well positioned to taking advantage of a higher growth environment. At the Fund level, our markets have been in the doldrums for several years and valuations are heading towards compelling levels. As we move to a higher growth envi- ronment, we can expect a focus and rerating of certain markets which could be very rewarding. We are very proud to be recognised for outstanding performance during such a difficult period and look forward to fully taking advantage of a hopefully easier period ahead. Company: Jabre Capital Partners SA Contact name: Mark Cecil Email: markcecil@me.com ; yassir.rezqi@jabcap.com Web address: www.jabcap.com Telephone: +41 22 556 22 00 Address: rue des Moulins – 1204 Geneva - Switzerland Jabre Capital Partners SA

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