Hedge Fund Awards 2016

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/hedge-fund-awards 74 ~ Best Alternative Investment Manager - Switzerland Jabre Capital is an Alternative Investment advisor based in Geneva. Cofounder Mark Cecil provides us with a unique insight into this exciting and dynamic company. Jabre Capital was established by Philippe Jabre in 2007 and invests globally across a broad range of liquid equity related products. We serve a wide client base extending from family offices through to sovereign wealth funds. Currently the firm manages approximately USD 1.8b across a number of offshore and UCITS regulated funds. Across all strategies, the investment process combines a thorough stock selection process with a broad based macro overlay. The firm employs approximately 50 people with investment specialists split across asset classes and regions. We manage risk by focussing on liquidity, active asset management and using cash as an asset class. We optimise returns by taking a non-benchmarked absolute return approach and investing opportunistically with a clear entrance and exit strategy. Looking towards the future we are excited about the medium term prospects for our firm and fund. At the firm level, the investment community have been too focussed on low volatility low return strategies and are now realising that they are not well positioned to take advantage of a higher growth environment. At the funds level, our markets have been in the doldrums for several years and valuations are heading towards compelling levels. As we move to a higher growth environment, we can expect a focus and rerating of certain markets which could be very rewarding. Company: Jabre Capital Partners SA Name: Mark Cecil Email: mark.cecil@jabcap.net ; yassir.rezqi@jabcap.com Web Address: www.jabcap.com Address: 1 rue des Moulins – 1204 Geneva - Switzerland Telephone: +41 22 556 22 00 Jabre Capital Partners SA

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