Hedge Fund Awards 2016

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/hedge-fund-awards 62 ~ Best Boutique Firm - UK & Best for Manager Selection - UK Gatemore Capital Management is an investment advisory firm working primarily with pension funds. We invited Mark Hodgson to give us an insight into the firm and the work it does. Established in 2005, Gatemore began in the US as a multi-family office but soon after launch began working with a UK pension scheme. Following strong returns through the crisis and a service orientated business model we formally launched a London office in 2009. Over the last six years we have built up a strong business with over £1bn under advice, the foundation of which involves differentiating ourselves from our competitors by building up diversified portfolios and focusing on fund managers who are under the radar of lager investment advisors. This approach has proven successful, and our client portfolios have been performing well year on year, holding up particularly well in times of crisis. This can also be attributed to our portfolio construction and attitude to risk. We build portfolios from the bottom up, with a real focus on finding tomorrows performers. We undertake deep diligence on managers who operate in specialist areas away from the herd and who have a real competitive advantage. Those managers are then added to portfolios only if they bring something different and we can demonstrate that risk-adjusted returns will be improved. This is true diversification across drivers of return and across manager styles. Our track record has shown that this is a successful approach and intuitively it makes sense. Finding managers that are rewarded by return not AUM and where the PM is still at the coal face, should result in performance. However, this year we really wanted to quantify what we had seen in portfolios and so we commissioned a study by CASS Business School, which showed that smaller funds do in fact outperform the larger and more established funds particularly within the long/ short space, and especially in times of market stress. This proved what we were seeing and that size was, indeed, the enemy of performance. Looking to the future we are keen to grow organically as a business, whilst continuing to offer sound advice and support to our clients. Our investment approach and service model has served us well, and we will contin- ue to develop and search for new fund opportunities as we look towards 2016 and beyond. Company: Gatemore Capital Management Phone +44 (0) 20 7580 0300 Fax +44 (0) 20 7990 9469 Email info_uk@gatemore.com Address: 33 Cavendish Square London W1G 0PW Gatemore Capital Management

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