Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 61 ~ Best Full-Service Administrator 2016 - USA Fundadministration specializes in working with emerging and established Hedge Fund Managers, particularly with clients who are overlooked by larger administrative firms. Denise DePaola, Chief Executive Officer and Nick J. Neri, Chief Operating Officer provide us with a fascinating insight into this dedicated company. Fundadministration provides professional advice and hands on support to help their clients grow their assets and build their business. The service is tailored to each client’s needs to ensure they receive exactly what they need. Nick explains how the firm has stayed at the top of their industry despite facing stiff competition. “As a firm we have stayed ahead of the competition by providing exceptional leadership and a proactive approach to supporting our clients.” Alongside their dedication to client service, the firm has enhanced its technology in order to offer clients better quality service. Denise explains how this technology has helped the company to support their clients and stay ahead of emerging legislative changes: “There are a number of new industry regulations which we have had to contend with in recent years, and in order to adapt to these we have implemented new software called KYCSphere, which is an advanced AML system that tracks our investor base in real time. We have also implemented Appasure technology for redundancy as well as develop XLM files for FATCA reporting. This new technology is particularly vital as regulations are changing our role in the industry, which is proving a challenge for our clients. Here in the US, auditors cannot edit the financial statements of Registered Financial Advisors, so we have taken on that responsibility. Therefore our workload is becoming greater but this enables us to add value to our services, so while the firm is in a period of change we are pleased to be able to offer further support to our clients.” Success within the financial industry comes in many forms, but Denise highlights that there are two vital fac- tors to ensuring it: “People and technology are vital to ensuring our success. We have seasoned professionals and state of the art technology.” Nick adds that the firm’s superior staff and technology enables them to offer world class service, which is how they have stayed ahead in their competitive industry. “We believe in partnering with our clients, not just serving them. The support we provide for our clients goes above and beyond the call of a fund administrator.” These additional services include offering quarterly roundtables for investors where experts provide advice to investment managers on how to raise capital and enhance their marketing. Additionally the firm sponsors an asset allocator summit to assist clients in this area. Ultimately both Nick and Denise agree that their overall client service strategy is epitomised in their firm’s tagline: “Anyone can be a service provider. Let us be your service partner.” Company: Fundadministration, Inc Website: http://www.fundadministration.com/ Address: 4175 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Suite 204 Ronkonkoma. New York 11779 Tel: (631)737-4500 Fax:(631)737-4513 Nick Neri nneri@fundadministration.com Fundadministration, Inc

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