Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 51 ~ Best Independent Asset Manager - Austria & Best Absolute Return Fund (Since Inception): C-QUADRAT Absolute Return ESG Fund C-QUADRAT is an international asset manager which seeks to realise continuous and sustainable growth for its investors. Its fund managers in Vienna and London use both quantitative and discretionary absolute and total return strategies to achieve this goal. Institutional and private investors have relied on C-QUADRAT’s expertise for many years now. The company was established in 1991 in Vienna. It has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since 2006 and on the Vienna stock exchange since May 2008. Today, with offices in Vienna, London, Frankfurt, Geneva and Yerevan C-QUADRAT operates in 19 countries in Europe and Asia. Sustainable Asset Management by C-QUADRAT Sustainability is an increasingly prominent slogan. There is a growing need among investors for investments which fulfill environmental standards as well as social criteria. However, for C-QUADRAT sustainability means much more than just satisfying a momentary trend. For us, sustainability means handling the resources en- trusted to us so as to ensure that they meet the needs of today’s generation without encroaching upon those of future generations. Some years ago, C-QUADRAT already established its Vision Microfinance brand which is operative in the field of microfinance. Microfinance offers people in emerging markets and developing countries the chance to bring about a long-term improvement in their own circumstances and thus also in the opportunities for future generations. C-QUADRAT’s ESG funds are the second key area of focus for sustainable investment opportunities. As well as financial indicators, they also consider non-financial factors (ESG criteria). What does ESG stand for? ESG stands for environment (E), social criteria (S) and governance (G). Companies are analyzed on the basis of these three aspects, providing potential investors with a detailed picture of a specific company and its commitment to operating in a responsible manner. ESG thus encompasses much more than just financing of environmentally-friendly technologies. A company which is guided by ESG criteria undertakes to operate ethically and sustainably. Companies with high ESG scores have a proven track record of superior long-term performance by compari- son with their competitors with lower ratings. ESG funds support responsible activities, generate non-financial returns and also offer the opportunity for long-term above-average yields. C-QUADRAT ESG Investment Process The C-QUADRAT ESG funds are based on a sophisticated investment process that ensures exclusive invest- ment in sustainable companies combined with attractive returns. During the initial selection process, C-QUAD- RAT excludes all companies that violate international accords, for instance the UN Global Compact (human rights violations, child labour, corruption) or any of the so-called ILO labours standards. C-QUADRAT also excludes companies in ethically or morally questionable industries from its investment universe. The approx. 900 companies worldwide which are still in the running after the initial selection are the assessed according to their financial indicators. The asset managers focus on first-class companies with long-term successful track records featuring high capital gains and low financial leverage. Investments in companies aiming to generate growth and profits at any price can thus be avoided. The quality screening is followed by a third stage during which risk optimisation techniques are applied to avoid cluster risks and build a balanced portfolio. Company: C-QUADRAT Email: c-quadrat@investmentfonds.at Web: https://www.c-quadrat.com/en/ Address: Schottenfeldgasse 20 A-1070 Wien Telephone: Austria: +43 1 515 66-0 Germany: +49 69 7104 989-77 C-QUADRAT – The Asset Manager

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